Hapara Teacher Dashboard

Get a bird’s-eye, real-time view of student activity across Docs, Sites, Blogger, Picasa, Gmail and Google+; plus configure class Calendars.

  • Improve student outcomes
  • Increase online safety
  • Increase ease of use and adoption

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All features are configurable and optional, depending on school and district needs.

Dashboard for Google Drive

Teachers and administrators get a snap-shot view of each student’s most recent work in Docs, Sites, Blogger and Picasa, organized by class and student. Behind the scenes we create a folder in drive for each class for each student, then we give the right teachers access – no more sharing issues for students – student just drop their homework in the right folder for each class.

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of each student’s activity in Google Apps
  • Automatically create subject folders for students
  • Hover over any link to see its contents – no more clicking through documents to view student progress and see who is on track
  • Filter by assignment title to easily locate each student’s work
  • Open student folders directly from the dashboard
  • Track student activity and engagement at a glance
  • Group and sort students

Smart Copy Wizard

Share docs with the whole class, or a group of students, with just a few clicks

  • Quickly share assignments and homework templates
  • Ensure all students have access to the right content at the right time
  • Save administration and classroom time
  • Customize shared file names with student names

Dashboard for Blogger

Get a snap-shot view of each student’s most recent posts and all comments on their blog, for each class.

  • Bird’s eye view of each student’s Blogger activity
  • See posts real-time, even before they are published
  • Improve online safety with auto-flagging of comments from outside the domain
  • Hover to preview each post and comment
  • Click through to access each student’s blog

Dashboard for Google Sites

See student updates and activity in sites and ePortfolios at a glance

  • Configure and push out an ePortfolio templates to the whole class or school
  • See each student’s most recently updated pages
  • Hover to preview new site posts
  • Click through to access each student’s site

Dashboard for Picasa

Preview images and portfolios created in Picasa by each student.

  • Automatically create albums for students
  • Preview each student’s most recently updated images
  • Display students’ images as a list or lightbox

Dashboard for Gmail

This optional feature gives teachers and school leaders ability to “see into” student Gmail accounts:

  • Get a snapshot view of activity with read/ unread indicator
  • See each student’s most recent emails
  • Improve online safety – monitor and audit student email
  • Discourage bullying and abusive behavior
  • Configurable to reflect school policies – give teachers complete access, or access only to emails between them and their students

Track All Sharing

Gives teachers full visibility to all students’ online content for efficiency and online safety.

  • Even if students forget to put their work in the right folder, or have not shared it appropriately, their class teacher will be able to find it
  • Save time – easily locate “missing” documents authored by your students
  • Improve online safety – gain full visibility into student content – see everything that is 1) not shared with the teacher, 2) visible outside the school domain, 3) shared with a student by external parties
  • Plus reset student passwords

Student Google Calendars

Manage class and student calendar subscriptions:

  • Easily configure class calendars owned by the appropriate teachers
  • Automatically subscribe students to their class calendars and appropriate activity and extracurricular calendars
  • Create a school calendar with appropriate access rites

Student Google+ Tracking

See any public student activity, including posts and comments, and any profile elements that students have made public in Google+, at a glance:

  • Bird’s eye view of each student’s public activity and public profile
  • Hover to preview each post and comment
  • Hover to preview student’s public profiles
  • Please note that children under the age of 13 are not currently permitted to use Google+

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Parent Portal Features

This is a free add-on to the Hapara Teacher Dashboard.

Engage families in students’ online learning

Give parents and carers read-only access to their children’s work in Google Apps, without the hassle of maintaining accounts.

  • Increase family engagement
  • Encourage students
  • Reduce maintenance costs