Google Sites as e-binders or portfolios

If you are already using Google Apps for Education and you are looking for a portfolio solution for your students, or even just a simple eBinder, look no further. The solution is right under your nose!

Google Sites, the website generation application provided as part of any school system’s FREE Google Apps for Education domain, gives every student the ability to create as many websites as they wish. The beauty here is in the simplicity. The students are already doing their work in the Google universe; in Drive for the most part. Google Sites make it ridiculously easy to search for any work you have done in Drive and plop it right there on the page.

The Google Site becomes the tree on whose branches the ornaments of student work are hung.

Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard makes it so easy for teachers to see student site activity, contribute submissions, and quickly jump in to comment or make edits, that teachers are often angry with us that they did not learn about this capability when they got started with Google Apps and Hapara. Boom! Now you know. Now show us what you got.

Have a look at more detailed information on how to deploy Google Sites through Teacher Dashboard.

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