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A beginner’s guide to ISTE

ISTE is a conference like no other. It will inspire you, motivate you, energize you, and refresh your practice, but it can also be quite daunting. As someone who has attended five of these in the last 10 years, I have learned a few tricks to make the experience a bit easier.

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Deep learning: co-constructing success criteria

Our friend and Hapara Champion Trainer Julian Daher continues to share his expertise on Deep Learning in the latest video in our Teaching with Technology series. This week, Julian discusses one of his favorite practices – co-creating success criteria with learners.

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How a microcredentials hub supports teacher learning communities

At my school, I noticed that while most of our weekly Friday PD was relevant to everyone (e.g. updates to our testing software), there wasn’t much in terms of choice or voice for our educators. Thinking about the power of skill-sharing in our learning communities, I created a microcredentials hub.

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Fostering Teacher Collaboration in a Digital World

Today, highly effective educators and schools push teacher collaboration so that it has become a norm. The internet has revolutionized education by changing the question from why should we collaborate to how can we foster professional collaboration in a digital world?

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Building meaningful relationships in a digital classroom

In a digital classroom, it is true that, if not used intentionally, technology can add a cold and disconnecting element to our classrooms. However, it also possible for technology to be used in ways that add value to our relationships and bring teachers and students closer to together.

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Creating a climate for student collaboration and feedback

My vision for my classroom is to foster an environment where students are comfortable making mistakes and sharing work with peers. The question then becomes, how do I do this? How do I shift from researching and implementing effective feedback strategies to using them to transform my classroom?

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New video series: Teaching with Technology with Julian Daher

We are excited to announce a new video series with Hapara Champion Trainer Julian Daher from the Ottawa Catholic School Board on teaching with technology. Julian will be sharing short videos with us every week to show what teaching with technology looks like in his classroom, and how he uses both online and offline tools and methods to support learners.

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What feedback is and isn’t

We know how important feedback is to help guide student learning, but why does feedback seem to be incredibly impactful sometimes, but make no significant difference other times?

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Learn from the best: Hapara Champion blog roundup

The Hapara Champion program brings together educators from around the world to learn more about the pedagogy behind Hapara’s tools and to support each other in making the shift to digital learning. Since its launch in 2015, the program has had over 300 graduates, many of whom are still connected and learning from each other every day.

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Hapara student voice podcast

Hapara Certified Educators Jennifer Struebing and Lisa Harrison spoke with Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio to share how they use digital tools to raise student voice in their respective schools.

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Workspace of the week winners! Jan. 29, 2016

Hapara Certified Educator Jennifer Streubing designed a three-part poetry unit for her 10th grade English class at Maine West High School in Illinois, USA. Check out the awesome performance poetry videos and the ways Jennifer has encouraged learners to take more ownership by having them teach each other.

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