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Hapara releases new UI for Teacher Dashboard

Read the latest updates on this newer post on TD2.

Today, we introduce our new Teacher Dashboard user interface (UI) in Open Beta release. Over the past few months, we have been in a Closed Beta and greatly appreciate the time and effort Hapara community members have dedicated to bring you this new interface. We learned… a lot!

Now, we move to the next phase—Open Beta release—and we’d love to get everyone involved. Some of the highlights:

  • a cleaner, faster interface with easier access to key features (SmartShare, Groups)
  • more robust document copy/share capabilities: multiple files, multiple classes
  • easier navigation between classes
  • more flexible grouping of students within a class
  • new “home” for Teacher Dashboard:

Most of the existing Teacher Dashboard services are in place, and we will expand the functionality throughout the Open Beta period. For more in-depth details, please check out the release notes.

On behalf of the entire Hapara team, thank you for your valuable feedback, your enthusiasm and for helping us make learning visible 🙂

— Jan Zawadzki, CEO

Get started
Open a new browser tab. is your new landing page. You have to click “Access the Hapara Teacher Dashboard Beta” button. The first time you do so, Google will need you to approve sharing who you are with TD. After that point, is your one-stop launchpad.

What does Open Beta mean for you?
The purpose of the Open Beta is to improve the tools. Participation is purely optional (but we’d love your feedback!), and you and your teachers will be able to access the current interface or Open Beta interface at the same time and move back-and-forth readily.

Oooh… it’d be even better if _____!
We would love to hear from you! Hapara Teacher Dashboard has grown thanks to the feedback from our educator community. As you use the tools in your classroom and a new idea pops up, please let us know! At the bottom of every Teacher Dashboard page is the “How can we Improve” feedback bar. Let us know what you think: your ideas are our inspiration.

TD2 Feedback

What should you expect?
We are a majority of the way through our journey to bring you Teacher Dashboard 2. We’re pleased to announce SmartShare, the even-smarter successor to SmartCopy, which incorporates your feedback. You can send multiple files at once, you can send files to multiple classes of students at once, and it’s all in a single screen. Just imagine the increased time savings!

Smart Share New Smart Share Interface

In addition, you can also assign students to multiple groups. This enables you to place your students into meaningful categories which can translate to more efficient visibility throughout the assignment and deeper collaboration opportunities.

The much-loved document preview is still present when you hover over the document link. However you will notice a cleaner interface and presentation of the valuable meta-data. Key information of when your students last viewed and worked on an assignment is front and center—making your student learning much more visible.

Last, because this is the Open Beta release, you may discover rough edges such as unexpected issues, bugs, or loading problems. Over the coming months, the software will grow and change week by week as we create the highest quality experience with feedback from you.

What’s yet to come?
There are a few items on the list. Blogger and the Individualized Learning Plan (Teacher Notes) feature of Teacher Dashboard, for example, are not yet in Teacher Dashboard 2. In addition, if your configuration has multiple student domains, we are working furiously to port this functionality in as well. Please continue to use the classic interface to have access to these functions. Incorporating these functions into Teacher Dashboard 2 is a top priority.

How long will this Open Beta last?
We will incorporate the missing functionality in the coming months, and Teacher Dashboard 2 will become the default interface in March 2015. Teacher Dashboard Classic will retire in April 2015.

Is the Open Beta Teacher Dashboard 2 available to everyone?
Most of the Hapara community will be able to access Teacher Dashboard 2. The team is still working on schools with students in multiple domains, and the French translation is imminent but not complete yet. Making Teacher Dashboard 2 available to all Hapara community members is our highest priority and these will be released soon.

How do I switch to the Open Beta Teacher Dashboard 2 and can I switch back to the Classic Teacher Dashboard?

You can always access Teacher Dashboard 2 at To return to the classic Teacher Dashboard view, use the “Return to TD Classic” link at the bottom of the page. Please keep in mind that all members of the Hapara community must be using this new interface by the end of March 2015.


How do I contact Support for Technical issues?

We’ve made it easy. Click on the support link at the bottom of each Teacher Dashboard page, visit or email

How can we get trained on the new interface?
The Hapara Lead Educators and Customer Success teams have been working tirelessly to create new training videos. These videos highlight the many key features in Teacher Dashboard 2 as well as embed real classroom scenarios to help you dive deeper and bring more visibility to your student learnings. You can find these new videos here.

Weekly webinars are now offered to orient Hapara users to the full breadth of knowledge management tools at their fingertips. Please share this blog post link and encourage teachers to join in as many times as they’d like.

There is a product tour link at the bottom of each Teacher Dashboard page. Click on it and spend a few minutes to become familiar with all the new elements.

We look forward to hearing from you. Jump in, have a play, and let us know what you think!

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