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Hapara launched Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps in 2010 when the first pioneering schools were beginning to transition to a digital learning environment in Google Apps for Education.

Teacher Dashboard - Professional Learning

Early Dashboard interface

When Chromebooks first entered the K12 education scene, Hapara introduced Remote Control for Chrome (later re-branded as Interact, and since entirely redesigned as Highlights). Highlights allows teachers to see what learners are doing on the internet from the teacher computer. Remote Control (Interact/Highlights) was a unique introduction to K12 edtech because it offered a cloud-based solution to learner screen visibility.

View student screens - Professional Learning

Early Remote Control interface

In 2015 Hapara released Workspace, an advanced assignment and project management tool that allows teachers to keep their learners together, while at the same time personalizing the learning experience for groups and individuals. Workspace has commanded the attention of our global community of education innovators. Within two weeks of the release of Workspace in August, individual Workspaces had aggregated more than one million views.

Hāpara Workspace - Professional Learning

Early Workspace interface

This week, Hapara is giving our innovators what they have asked for from the Workspace team. Teachers can now use Workspace as a professional learning hub. In other words, the role of learner in a Workspace can be played by both students and teachers.

Professional learning

Image: Google image search – Labled for re-use

Workspace is an excellent professional learning tool for many reasons, not the least of which is that it models the kind of workflow that many schools are hoping teachers will carry out with students; collaborative planning, fluid resource aggregation, clear identification of objectives and rubrics, and personalization of products for groups or individuals. This is truly the parallel process that trainers strive for in professional learning.

If you are new to Hapara, check out some of our lightning webinars on managing your digital classroom with Hapara. These focus on Workspace. If you are an Hapara veteran, then take a peek at our support documentation on using Workspaces for professional learning.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases this summer! Our community of front running educators and school leaders want the tools that support the next evolution of what technology makes possible in the classroom environment.

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