Hāpara Workspace is on the way

The excitement is building. After months of alpha release, we’re pleased to announce our newest product Hapara Workspace, will be available to your teachers in just a few short weeks! To help you prepare, we’ve created a number of tools to help guide your teachers and learners.

What is Hapara Workspace?

Quite simply, it is a platform for teachers and learners to create highly personalized learning experiences that deepen collaboration and differentiation throughout the learning cycle. Teachers will be able to streamline the process by tracking progress, submissions, and providing feedback to their learners. In addition, the learners will now have an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments and customize their submissions — giving them greater ownership of their learning.

What do I need to do to prepare for Hapara Workspace?

There are a few steps you will need to complete to ensure the successful launch of Hapara Workspace for your teachers and learners.

Very Important! Please ensure the following new URLs are accessible through both your student and teacher networks prior to July 27. You can find an updated, full list of URLs to whitelist here for all Hapara products.

Help your teachers get prepared.

  1. Hapara Workspace End User Orientations begin Monday, July 27th. The live webinars will take an in-depth approach to Workspace, going through features of the tools from a practical classroom perspective. Share this link with teachers and instructional coaches so they can sign up now.
  2. In product tutorials. Teachers will see the pop-up tutorials guiding them through the product in an easy to use manner soon after launch to open beta.
  3. Support Documentation. Later this month, our support site will be updated with documentation (FAQ’s, User guides for teachers, release notes, etc.) on Hapara Workspace. As always, if there is a technical inquiry, please contact the support team at support@hapara.com.

Let us help clarify any questions! If you need a little more information, your Customer Success team member is here to help. Either send a message directly to them or email customer.success@hapara.com. If you are the Hapara administrator in your school, we also have TD Admin Webinars that are great for a back to school brush-up.The webinars, offered each month, cover different aspects of the administrative side of Hapara Dashboard.

Wait. There’s more!

Hapara Highlights is being released to a focused group of customers for feedback and continued testing. Previously Interact, Hapara Highlights is completely redesigned to give teachers faster visibility into browser activity as well as more ways to focus a digital community of learners’ with positive and personalized interactions. Orientations for Hapara Highlights will begin prior to open beta release, Tuesday, July 28th. Register for a session here.

And with the release of the new products will come a new streamlined header giving your teachers the same access they have currently to all their classes and tools — not to mention easy access to Hapara Workspace.

Orientations on Hapara Dashboard will continue as well to help users learn the basics of the Dashboard tools as well as refresh their skills. And, help make Hapara Dashboard better by taking part in user research.

Deeply apologize for the long update; however, we have lots to report and are truly excited about the coming weeks. Please sign up for updates via our support blog to keep up with the Hapara announcements. Or, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager.
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