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Hapara Workspace Sharing Competition- Workspace of the Week

Hapara Workspace sharing competition: Workspace of the week

Using the new Public Sharing feature in Hapara Workspace, teachers can elect to share the Workspaces they have created with friends, colleagues, and educators around the world. Hapara-using recipients can then copy the shared Workspace into their own Hapara instance, and customize or modify as needed.

Teachers Share All - Hapara Workspace

Teachers share all – Hapara Workspace

Teachers share lesson plans. They also share resources. And in a number of platforms, they will share guides on how best to put a lesson into practice. Now, all of that is wrapped into one package with shareable Workspaces from Hapara.

Microteaching Improves Student Achievement

Microteaching improves student achievement

Canadian researcher, Michael Fullan, recently visited the schools where Hapara was founded. Here is a video about what he learned about student achievement with microteaching.

Video- Learner Agency and PBL at HPSS

Video: Learner Agency and PBL at HPSS

The Manaiakalani Cluster has received numerous awards in the past, but the INACOL blended learning award marks the first time that the cluster received such significant international recognition.

Hapara’s Sticky New Edtech Workspace Crests One Million Views in Two Weeks

Hapara’s sticky new edtech workspace crests one million views in two weeks

We designed Workspace with the same force factors that drove us to build our Dashboard for Google Apps in 2010 and our Highlights (previously Interact) for Chrome tool in 2012; to meet the needs of teachers and learners pushing edtech to its max in support of differentiation, personalization, and collaboration.

How To Get Started With Hapara Workspace

Hāpara Workspace is on the way

The excitement is building. After months of alpha release, we’re pleased to announce our newest product Hapara Workspace, will be available to your teachers in just a few short weeks! To help you prepare, we’ve created a number of tools to help guide your teachers and learners.

Introducing Hapara Workspace

Introducing Hapara Workspace

Teachers use a lot of resources. Workspace organizes these into cards. Goal and Rubrics add the learning context. Selectively allow learners to create and edit. Activities with built-in workflow: Due dates, Auto-lockout, Submission, Return. Learners can collaborate in groups.

Hapara Releases New UI for Teacher Dashboard

Hapara releases new UI for Teacher Dashboard

Today, we introduce our new Teacher Dashboard user interface (UI) in Open Beta release. Over the past few months, we have been in a Closed Beta and greatly appreciate the time and effort Hapara community members have dedicated to bring you this new interface. We learned… a lot!

Google Groups, Organization Units, and Subdomains - Explainer

Google groups, organization units and subdomains – explainer

Technology directors and facilitators new to the Google Suite game must master a new vernacular. When managing a Google Suite domain, three things you must quickly learn about are groups, organization units (OU’s), and subdomains. Each has a host of different applications, some overlapping, and can be used to assist a school system with data maintenance and customization.

Google Sites as eBinders or Portfolios

Google Sites as e-binders or portfolios

If you are already using Google Apps for Education and you are looking for a portfolio solution for your students, or even just a simple eBinder, look no further. The solution is right under your nose!

The Purpose of the eportfolio

The purpose of the ePortfolio

For my part, the real value of the ePortfolios is in the reflection and the learning. Making the connections between the ePortfolio and learning is paramount.

Research- improved teaching practices, student engagement and learning outcomes

Research: improved teaching practices, student engagement and learning outcomes

Hapara Dashboard was originally dreamed up by a group of educators at Pt England School in the Manaiakalani cluster in New Zealand. As they began their 1:1 journey with Google Apps, the teachers quickly realized that they needed something that would help them better manage learners working online and enable them to create deeper learning experiences.

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