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Google Sites as eBinders or Portfolios

Google Sites as e-binders or portfolios

If you are already using Google Apps for Education and you are looking for a portfolio solution for your students, or even just a simple eBinder, look no further. The solution is right under your nose!

The Purpose of the e-Portfolio

The purpose of the e-portfolio

For my part, the real value of the ePortfolios is in the reflection and the learning. Making the connections between the ePortfolio and learning is paramount.

Research- improved teaching practices, student engagement and learning outcomes

Research: improved teaching practices, student engagement and learning outcomes

Hapara Dashboard was originally dreamed up by a group of educators at Pt England School in the Manaiakalani cluster in New Zealand. As they began their 1:1 journey with Google Apps, the teachers quickly realized that they needed something that would help them better manage learners working online and enable them to create deeper learning experiences.

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