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Teachers share lesson plans. They also share resources. And in a number of platforms, they will share guides on how best to put a lesson into practice. Now, all of that is wrapped into one package with shareable Workspaces from Hapara.


  Hapara Workspace is a platform for teachers and learners to create highly personalized learning experiences that deepen collaboration and differentiation throughout the learning cycle. Teachers are able to streamline the process by tracking progress, submissions, and providing feedback to their learners. In addition, learners now have an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments and customize their submissions — giving them greater ownership of their learning. Today, Hapara makes it possible for teachers to share their Workspaces with others, globally. That means everything but the student work can be made publicly visible by a teacher so that they can engage their PLN in their professional efforts. Learn more about Hapara Workspace at hapara.com Watch a short film about a school that is empowering learners with the help of Hapara Workspace…    


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