Who are the Hapara Certified Educators?

Screen_Shot_2016-06-14_at_2.33.45_PM.pngOne year ago, the Hapara Certified Educator program began as a humble attempt to unify a small group of like-minded educators and make it easier to share best Hapara practices.

Last week, invited 25 more educators to join the program.

A diverse group of instructional coaches, professional developers and lead teachers, this group is unified by a passion for teaching, learning, and collaborating.

The HCE program isn’t about technology, tools, or gadgets–its about deepening our understanding and use of the instructional practices shown to deepen and accelerate learning. We operate from the understanding that, when used meaningfully, tools like GAFE and Hapara can help us streamline and scale educational best practices, helping us connect with more learners, more quickly, and more efficiently.

Here’s what our friends in Cohort 4 have in store:

Unit 1: Course Introduction. In this first unit, we will establish the groundwork and expectations for our time together. We’ll begin by meeting eachother and collaborating to establish expectations and cultural norms for our online learning community (hosted in Google+). Then we’ll establish our personal learning goals and inquiries (the question/s we will focus on during the course). Estimated completion time: 5 hours.

Unit 2: Hapara Fundamentals. As an HCE, it is important that you have operational knowledge of all major features of Hapara Instructional Management. This unit contains a playlist of resources that you can use to build your foundation with Hapara operations, regardless of your existing knowledge. The unit will culminate with exams (short answer and multiple choice) that assess your knowledge and help you deepen your expertise by getting you to think through scenarios that will help you use Hapara tools more pedagogically.  Estimated completion time: 8 hours.

Unit 3: Learner Agency, Student-Centered Learning, and Differentiated Instruction. With this unit, we will learn and share some theory and practice on the topics of learner agency and student-centered learning. Everyone will create a Workspace grounded in these practices, then we’ll break into small groups and workshop our creations–all with an eye toward using Hapara to support/inspire a shift toward more learner-driven teaching.  Estimated completion time: 8 hours.

Unit 4: Best Practices in Edtech Implementation. In this culminating unit, you will explore best practices on the topics of edtech integration, implementation, onboarding, and teacher professional development. Then you’ll collaborate with your small group to design a high-quality Hapara implementation based on those best practices.  Finally, you will also be asked to share your learnings/artifacts with other colleagues/PLNs outside of HCE, and reflect on those conversations in your Inquiry Log. Estimated completion time: 10 hours.

To learn more about the current Hapara Certified Educators and what they have to say about the program, check out our new HCE Profiles webpage.

In under one year, through word-of-mouth and our friends on social media, we grew from five U.S teachers to seventy educators in five countries around the world!

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