Professional Learning Manager

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Responsibilities include:

Overall Professional Learning department management

  • Project manage ongoing and new professional learning initiatives.
  • Properly manage operating resources, including budget management, to achieve business objectives. 
  • Understand the ever-changing educational landscape and work to provide professional learning solutions that drive towards improved student outcomes.
  • Monitor and communicate professional learning progress and updates to the VP of Marketing and Professional Learning.
  • Support the Engagement Managers with meeting customer professional learning needs. This may include development of new resources and training materials.
  • Build the contractor base to increase capacity for fulfilling webinars, training resource development, content development and other tasks to meet professional learning initiatives.
  • Oversee an effective use of outside resources, including full-time and per diem consultants. 
  • Act as liaison to other department managers for training-related issues and questions.
  • Maintain and update guiding documents that inform professional learning.

Management of training content development 

  • Identify training needs. Document findings, develop actionable recommendations to address performance gaps, propose and execute appropriate learning solutions.
  • Create and regularly update professional development and training content including slides, Workspaces, webinar outlines, on-demand courses, facilitator guides, etc.
  • Collaborate with the Marketing Team to create engaging customer-centered resources as well as resources for marketing campaigns and content.
  • Continually update professional learning offerings to meet customer needs.
  • Create, maintain and regularly update effectively structured training content based on current product functionality.

Management of training delivery

  • Create and maintain scheduling systems for customer professional development. 
  • Schedule customer professional learning including webinars and on-site training, including maintaining accurate professional learning records in Salesforce.
  • Manage the training partners to deliver on-site training, including monitoring, updates and audits for quality control.
  • Manage a team of consultants and expert teachers around delivering training content, including monitoring, updates and audits for quality control.
  • Conduct and report on evaluation of all training delivered regularly.
  • Assess and monitor training effectiveness and communicate results to ensure business objectives.

Training facilitation

  • Facilitate customer webinars and onsite trainings
  • Deliver and oversee training and orientation that acclimates new hires to the Hāpara products
  • Collaborating with the Sales Team, train, develop and lead ways of ensuring that the Sales Team serve as excellent presenters and facilitators


  • Demonstrate an extensive understanding of all Hāpara products.
  • Ensure company product and messaging aligns with the competencies outlined in the Hāpara Competencies Frameworks
  • Work with the Product Team to continually improve and innovate product quality, competitiveness and making educator’s workflows efficient and effective.
  • Provide customer feedback to the product to guide product updates and development
  • Work closely with the Product team to develop in-app training solutions.

Customer care 

  • Work in tandem with Engagement Managers to foster and maintain relationships with customers around learning about the tool, including but not limited to teacher onboarding meetings, usage review meetings, planned email communication, unplanned email communication, webinar and on-site training follow-up, and as needed customer outreach regarding training and other initiatives. 
  • Collaborate with the Engagement Managers to create monthly customer communications for teachers, district professional development contacts and district primary contacts

In addition to the above responsibilities, experience is desired with the following:

  • Experience working directly with other edtech companies on training and product development
  • Experience working with multiple school districts on meeting professional development goals
  • Experience creating in-app messaging/training
  • Experience facilitating educational technology training for multiple school districts
  • Hāpara Champion certifications desired
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer and Educator certifications desired

The Professional Learning Manager will report directly to the VP of Marketing and Professional Learning. This position requires overnight travel.

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