Insights into Google Classroom analytics

Insights into Google Classroom analytics

Assess, understand and improve teaching and outcomes with Classroom Dashboard — deep insights into teacher activity in Google Classroom analytics.

Classroom Dashboard gives school and district leaders:

A real-time view of all teacher activity and engagement in Google Classroom with their students, including pedagogical strategies, summative and formative assessments and artifactual, substantive feedback.

Google classroom analytics are easier to access, including differentiated instruction, coursework management and student progress.

Classroom Dashboard
Classroom Dashboard

District-wide evidence of Google Classroom instructional competency and actionable data to make improvements precisely where needed and vital metrics for curriculum and faculty assessment, expediting curriculum planning and coaching

Classroom Dashboard provides district and campus leadership laser-focused access to teacher activity in Google Classroom, allowing administrators a more efficient way to monitor teacher engagement, assignment cadence and quality of instruction.

District, academic and technology directors gain a deeper understanding into teacher use of technology and the effectiveness of curriculum, rubrics and assessments as well as evidence of timely, substantive feedback — across departments, schools, and the district.

Classroom Dashboard
Classroom Dashboard

Administrators can measure pedagogical challenges more easily and combine with Google Classroom analytics. This gives districts qualitative data to plan evidence-based instructional improvement, identify and target trouble spots, improve professional development and school progress.

Learning coaches and academic leaders can use actionable data to improve teaching and learning -- whether the class is face-to-face, hybrid or online.
Transparency of teacher activity and interaction with students
A unified platform to help district and technology leaders plan more strategically

It’s easy to get started.

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