Differentiate learning

Workspace automates differentiation and provides an individualized learning experience. Get free resources to learn how to differentiate with Workspace.

No two students are alike, so why would we expect them to learn in exactly the same way? Learners need and deserve differentiated instruction. Most educators agree that differentiation has tremendous benefits, but it does create a heavier workload for the teacher. That’s why Workspace automates some of the tasks that can take hours when done manually, and provides a truly individualized learning experience.

Automate differentiation so teachers can spend more time doing what they love: teaching

How to thrive and not just survive your school year with Hāpara Workspace

6th grade ELA teacher, Ashley Newman was drowning in a sea of essays–with multiple drafts! Workspace helped her organize all of those drafts and provide her students with the differentiation they needed to become better writers.

Make summer professional learning more flexible with Hapara Workspace

Educators are students first. Workspace makes it possible to provide teachers with flexible, personalized professional learning options.

Differentiating by strategy in Workspace

The Groups feature in Workspace simplifies the process of creating differentiated groups for a more personalized learning experience.

High-quality project-based learning – Setting the foundations for student success

Workspace is an excellent platform to use for project-based learning. Rich Dixon of PBL Works, says that Workspace is a tool that facilitates PBL in a way that incorporates the HQPBL framework.

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