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Must-have digital citizenship checklist for K-12 schools

Being an active digital citizen means practicing a set of concrete skills that learners need to navigate the digital landscape’s unbridled potential and power. Download our checklist to guide how you incorporate digital citizenship into your school district’s curriculum at every opportunity.

Digital Citizenship Checklist

Ensure students know how to guard their digital privacy and security closely and why it’s important.

This can be achieved with processes for creating safe passwords (do you have a policy in place for this?), understanding privacy agreements, not clicking on everything (be careful of phishing!). Get the free checklist for more info on this step, and the others, to make sure your schools are set up to support true digital citizenry.


Provide a framework that learners can call upon when they want to add outside media to their projects that doesn’t violate copyright.

While the best option is for teachers and learners to create their own media, there are other options available due to “fair use” copyright laws that protect students and educators. There are, however, scenarios where “fair use” can be applied. You will find these four qualifiers, along with the rest of the elements for navigating the digital ecosystem, in the full Digital Citizenship checklist.

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