Helping learners succeed in school and later in life tops the list of concerns among most educators. Empowering students to exercise agency is what will help them take control of their own learning, and ultimately make decisions that will set them up for a successful future. See how Student Dashboard helps students take the first step to empowerment by providing more clarity in their educational workflow.

Empower every learner

Student Dashboard walkthrough

See how Student Dashboard eliminates “the noise” of notifications that students experience on a daily basis and reduces app fatigue, with Dave Barclay, former tech director in New York state.

How to keep students organized and thriving in a digital classroom

Throwing a handful of digital apps and platforms at learners is a recipe for a meltdown. Student Dashboard organizes everything into one dashboard for learners so they can focus on learning.

Executive functioning skills and the self-regulated learner

Student Dashboard helps build executive function skills with automations that helps learners practice organization, prioritization and planning.

Take a tour of Student Dashboard

Built with students in mind.

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