Everything you need to know about Hāpara

What is Hāpara?

Hāpara is an instructional management tool that organizes teaching and learning workflows in G Suite to provide a seamless, high-quality educational experience. Learn more about Hāpara.

Is Hāpara a Chromebook monitoring tool?

Hāpara does have a Chromebook monitoring tool called Highlights–and so much more. Highlights provides teachers with functionalities that encourage digital citizenship. Other Hāpara tools like Workspace automate differentiation and provide teachers with free, crowdsourced content created by other Hāpara teachers from around the world. Learn more about Highlights.

Does Hāpara work with Google Classroom?

Yes. Google Classroom can be easily synced with Hāpara. All assignments, notifications and due dates from Google Classroom are fed into our Student Dashboard tool, so that learners have everything in one simple interface to eliminate distractions and focus on learning. ​Learn more about Student Dashboard.

Do I have to use Google Classroom for Hāpara to work?

No. Hāpara works with G Suite and its own tools and does not have to be used in concert with Google Classroom, although they work well together.

How can Hāpara help teachers with G Suite?

Hāpara helps teachers organize for learning and replicate digital workflows in the cloud. They can easily share Google files with learners all at once, quickly access learner work to provide formative feedback and teach digital citizenship while students work in Chrome. Hāpara takes G Suite from a delivery method to distribute digital assignments and turns it into a fully pedagogical tool. Learn more about how Hāpara can help with digital teaching and learning in G Suite.

Does my school need to be a Google school to use Hāpara?

Yes. Hāpara is an extension that works with Google Chrome.

Can Hāpara help with blended learning?

Yes. Hāpara is great for in-person instruction as well as for distance learning. No matter where students and teachers are, Hāpara can keep awesome learning going. Check out our resources for teaching and learning from home.

How much does the Hāpara Instructional Suite cost?

The Hāpara Instructional is the best value in the edtech marketplace. For the cost of a fancy latte per student, you get Chromebook monitoring, curriculum-aligned content and a digital platform for instructional delivery, visibility into G Suite and data on how well your digital adoption is going. Learn more about Hāpara pricing.

Who is Hipi the sheepicorn?

Hipi the sheepicorn is the official Hāpara mascot. Hipi hails from New Zealand where Hāpara got its start. Hipi’s favorite food is marshmallows. Hipi enjoys chasing rainbows and helping to power awesome learning.

How did Hāpara get its start?

Hāpara got its start in Auckland, New Zealand in the Manaiakalani cluster of schools when leaders there first adopted Google Apps for Education. They wanted to find a way to streamline workflows in the new digital classroom environment and they collaborated to develop Hāpara. Inspired by the research of John Hattie, they dreamed up a platform that emphasized a user-friendly experience for teachers that would empower them to personalize learning, provide formative feedback and facilitate the automation of tasks like differentiation. Learn more about our story.

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