Get to know the Hāpara Instructional Suite

Explore helpful training tutorials, webinars and blog posts for educators to help you learn how to effectively use Hāpara in your classroom!

Introduction to the Hāpara Instructional Suite

23 min. | Beginner level

Start with a simple overview of each tool in the Hāpara Suite and its purpose. Then, get to know Highlights, Teacher Dashboard, Student Dashboard and Workspace.


Introduction to the Hāpara Instructional Suite

35 min. | Intermediate level

Now that you are familiar with Hāpara and its tools, it’s time to dig into specific features and tools. Learn how to troubleshoot different scenarios with the tools, implement differentiation, share resources, guide student learning and so much more.


Introduction to the Hāpara Instructional Suite

34 min. | Advanced level

Dive deep into all of Hāpara’s features, including guided browsing in Highlights and organizing and reviewing materials in Workspaces. Continue exploring file access in Teacher Dashboard and the resource manager role in Digital Backpack.


Hāpara Teacher Dashboard Tutorials


What can I do with Teacher Dashboard?


Getting to know Teacher Dashboard


Navigating Student Tiles


Filter and sort Student Tiles by group


Share files


Sending email


Accessing student folders


Creating and using groups

Hāpara Workspace Tutorials


What is Workspace used for?


Workspace overview


Create a new Workspace


Creating cards


Evidence cards


Feedback and assessment




Navigating the Workspace homepage


What do learners see?

Hāpara Highlights Tutorials


What can I do with Highlights?


Getting to know Highlights

What is the activity viewer?


What does Browser Tabs show me?


What does Current Screens show me?


What are Snaps?


How do I share links with learners?


How do I guide my learners’ browsing?


Scheduling learner browsing sessions


Navigating student tiles


Creating and using groups


How to send a message


Pause Screens

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