A central hub for all work and communication.

Hapara Dashboard for Google Suite provides teachers with greater visibility into students’ learning experiences.

Easy access and visibility into learner work.

View a quick summary of learner progress across Google Suite for Education, organized by class and subject.

Improve skills development and mastery

Organize learners into groups and provide individual feedback and support to improve skills and mastery of topics.

Quickly share documents with learners

Share documents, assignments and resources quickly with individual learners, groups and the whole class.


Organize learners into groups for easy differentiation


Send messages to individuals, groups, or the whole class

Student Panels

View and access your students’ most recent work

On Using Hapara Dashboard:

“I found this particularly powerful in my role as a coach since I am charged with not only developing teacher technological knowledge, but more importantly how they can best leverage it inside and outside their classrooms.”

Phillip Hambly
Learning Coach with Wolf Creek Public Schools

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