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Hāpara Highlights helps schools keep students on-task and focused while guiding them to become responsible digital citizens. In the classroom or remotely, Hāpara tools make educators’ lives easier and help students take control of their own learning.

Hāpara is a ERMA- and FAMIS-approved vendor.
Hāpara is a tool that is so user-friendly for both teachers and students.
Petrina Wilkinson, Educator
I like Hāpara for its ease of use and ability to focus students in a non-confrontational way.
Rebekah Graham, Educator
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How our monitoring solution compares to GoGuardian

Open tabs/share links with learners
Pause screens
Take a screenshot
Close tabs
Create class
Schedule curated browsing sessions in advance
Class announcements
Create allowed/blocked templates
Allowed/blocked website sessions
Activity feed/viewer
Secure testing
Color coding groups
Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink compliant
Google Classroom integrations
Chrome browser screen visibility
Customizable view of student screens by individual, group or class
Instant message students
Lightweight app
Panorama of student screens
Professional learning and support
Freeze tabs
Advanced differentiation and personalization
Automated teacher and student workflows
Certification program
Micro-credentialing program

Training for teachers

Hāpara offers Learning Bytes, which is a quick but effective way for teachers to get the training they need.The Highlights micro-badging course coaches teachers on how to use Highlights to create a safe and focused digital classroom. Teachers can finish this self-paced online training in about an hour.

Hāpara Highlights vs. GoGuardian FAQ

What is the difference between GoGuardian Teacher and Hāpara Highlights?

GoGuardian Teacher and Hāpara Highlights are direct competitors and share the most important features for a teacher. The main difference is Hāpara’s philosophy in empowering learners. Hāpara Highlights helps teachers coach learners to become better digital citizens so they can make responsible decisions online.

How challenging will it be to train my teachers to start using Hāpara Highlights?

Hāpara offers a self-paced online course on Highlights that teachers can complete in one hour. After this course, teachers with any digital teaching experience can start using Highlights effectively.

Our team can also communicate with you when your faculty members have completed the training so you can ensure that they are ready and confident users.

How much does Hāpara Highlights cost for schools within NYC Public Schools?

We are currently offering Hāpara Highlights for $1/student through 6/30/24. We recognize that you were caught off guard looking for an alternative to GoGuardian, and we understand that at this time of year, budgets are under great stress.

Can we purchase Hāpara Highlights through FAMIS?

Yes, Hāpara is a FAMIS-approved vendor:

  • Vendor #: HAP860286 01 
Are you ERMA-approved?

Yes, Hāpara is ERMA-approved.

Are there any other costs?

There are no additional costs when purchasing Hāpara Highlights. $1/student covers all implementation, support and training with full access to the monitoring suite features.

We have NY state testing next month. Can we be up and running by then?

Yes, our Implementation Team can help you set up your school in about an hour. They will walk you through the process step by step on a call.

Is Hāpara a Sole Source provider?

Yes, Hāpara is a Sole Source provider, and we can provide you with a letter.

Our classroom management tools include:

Teacher Dashboard helps educators quickly access student work in Google Drive, view progress and provide formative feedback in real time.
With a focus on digital citizenship and differentiation, Highlights helps educators keep students safe as they learn online.
This K-12 web filter uses real-time artificial intelligence to analyze and restrict harmful or inappropriate content.

Your school can add on Deledao ActivePulse, presented by Hāpara, and the Parent Portal.

Educators love Hāpara Highlights

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