Hapara offers a Cloud-based instructional management system to K12 education institutions who use Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 Education.

Hapara provides visible, differentiated and secure instructional management and insights for K12 online learning.

1 Visibility: makes learner online activity visible.
2 Differentiation: enables differentiation of online instruction.
3 Security: creates a safe learning environment.
4 Insight: drive powerful teaching and learning conversations.

Four core technologies, supported by Hapara Professional Learning Services, enable Hapara to help schools achieve their teaching and learning goals.



Hapara’s Dashboard gives educators and school leaders a central view into the activity of learners across all of Google Suite for Education or Microsoft Office 365 Education, and in Hapara tools, all in one place.



Hapara’s Workspace is a unit and project management tool designed specifically for the needs of the K12 classroom.



Hapara Highlights enables teachers full visibility to their learners’ current Internet viewing on Chromebooks. Teachers can view student activity and connect with students during learning time in positive and reinforcing ways.



With Hapara Analytics you can use data to drive powerful teaching and learning conversations for your GAFE adoption. You get objective, actionable data starting from the day you implemented Google Suite.

Professional Learning

Hapara Professional Learning supports best practices in K-12 instruction that support innovation and promote teacher growth.

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