Simplify Google Classroom for learners

Reduce app fatigue and give learners a clear path to success whether they are learning remotely or in person.

Learn how students helped us design Student Dashboard so they could organize themselves for learning and become empowered, self-directed learners.

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Learners are tasked with navigating between 10+ educational apps during the course of a school day, weeding through multiple notifications from Google Classroom and trying to manage due dates and assignments–and it’s overwhelming!

And now many of these learners are doing it from home due to the pandemic, without the proximity of their teacher to help them figure it all out.

Learn how you can help students:

  • Get more out of Google Classroom and G Suite
  • Cancel out the noise of notifications and alerts, and receive all of the information they need for organized learning in one convenient dashboard
  • Give parents a window into what children are learning
  • Aide teachers in communicating clear expectations

Learn how Student Dashboard helps students organize themselves for learning and become empowered, self-directed learners

A student-centered approach to more meaningful digital learning

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