Hapara Trailblazers

Hapara Integrated Educators

Hapara Integrated Educators (HIE) have mastered classroom management with learner devices. These tech savvy educators regularly allow their learners the benefits of web-based research and review during in-class activities, within controlled and safe parameters.

Hapara Integrated Educators are adept at moving from individual learner online research to focused group and individual browsing for class instruction. They help their learners become better digital citizens by providing personalized, private feedback.

Hapara Collaborative Educators

Hapara Collaborative Educators have mastered the important evolution to digital, online learning. These educators assign and access student work from G Suite student drives with relative skill. They are adept at meeting students “in the cloud” and providing formative feedback, support, comments and assessment on a variety of online file types including Docs, Sheets, Slides, blogs and Sites.

Hapara Collaborative Educators create class assignments and learner routines that include shared online assignments and units of study, emulating 21st Century real-world work and collaboration.

Hapara Transformative Educators

Hapara Transformative Educators have mastered online teaching with differentiated learning assignments, individualized and group-level online research, and collaborative student-student, teacher-student and student-teacher resources and evidence based learning.

Using online tools such as G Suite, Hapara Dashboard and Hapara Workspace, these Transformative Educators redesign the learning experience, enabling authentic learning through which learners interact, question, problem solve and communicate. They provide learners with opportunities to reflect on their learning individually, with each other, and with participants across their school/district and around the world.

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