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Dedicated to providing best in class instructional management tools for K12 teachers, learners, and administrators who wish to organize, manage and monitor learning with the help of technology.

Edtech is at its best when it supports your instructional best practices.

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In a digital classroom, the medium of instruction has changed, the need for great teaching has not.


Hapara provides the instructional management tools you need.


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Hapara Plays Nicely with your LMS

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are growing in popularity in primary and secondary education settings. At Hapara, we are getting more requests from schools that use LMS’s like Schoology, Edmodo, and Canvas to make it easier…

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We use Hapara in our district’s 1:1 program and there are many additional features to the program that make it well worth the cost in my teacher’s (and my) opinion. The screen view can be used for more than just student monitoring. My teachers love the fact that if they are wanting students to go to a site as part of class they can open the tab on all the Chromebooks at the same time (or send different pages to small groups). This is especially helpful with our primary students who take a very long time to type in URLs. They also use the message function to gently guide students who may be off task without embarrassment.
Karen Fildes
Technology Director, Connecticut
I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful this platform is. At this time of year, we’re all working towards reviewing with our students for exams, and Workspace is making it so much easier to make the material available to them by theme. The students really seem to like it, and you know how critical teenagers can be of everything!
Laura Powell
Teacher, Virginia
We just started using it last spring and my teachers love it. When I train teachers in how to use it I hand out napkins to wipe the drool from the keyboard!
Mark Erb
Technology Director, Pennsylvania
We are investing many millions of dollars in devices, network, PD, and so on. We have a lot at stake here and I’d hate to look back a few years from now if things don’t go well and think, if we had only invested in an ease of use tool our results would have been totally different.
Technology Director
Large Southern California School District
We love Hapara!! Our teachers especially like that it is easy to use and the Hapara team has the best customer service!
Hiram Cuevas
Director of Academic Technology, Virginia
Please keep Hapara around. It is the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t ever want to live without it.
Chicago suburbs
The dashboard has saved so much time and made using Docs so much more manageable.
Chicago suburbs
I want this in every classroom in our school.