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What We Offer

Hapara Workspace


“Workspace gives good teachers the organizational tools needed to become great teachers.”

“Hapara Workspace is Google Classroom on steroids.”

“Quite simply, Inquiry + Differentiation + Management = Hapara Workspace.”

Put the Person Back in Personalized Learning

Motivate students with more differentiated learning where they can have agency.

Tool for Modern Learning

Hapara Workspace provides a highly flexible platform for teachers to efficiently create activities with learning pathways based on student needs and interests.

Save time by quickly developing and/or sharing assignments among teachers.

Easily organize students into groups and track their progress on different activities.

Improve mastery and skills development through formative feedback on

Increase engagement with more customized and creative assignments.

Students take greater ownership of their learning through an intuitive interface for managing assignments and customizing their submissions.

Hapara Highlights

Foster a Digital Community of Learners

Take the guessing game out of online activity so you can more effectively guide learners.

Knowledge is Power

Hapara Highlights promotes student learning by enabling teachers to view and facilitate their online activities in the classroom.

Reinforce positive individual and group behavior and promote digital citizenship.

Focus students on resources and work that will accelerate their learning.

Provide more personalized help to keep students on track.

Save time in class by quickly sharing documents or useful URLs.

Teachers promote student learning by facilitating digital activities and minimizing potential disruptions.

Hapara Dashboard

Make Google Apps for Education

Transform productivity applications into a platform for teaching and learning.

Making the Grade with
Hapara Dashboard

Hapara Dashboard streamlines teaching and school operations by making Google Apps for Education more useful and usable. Teachers can:

Easily organize students into groups and observe their progress in summary panels.

Save time by quickly sharing documents with learners.

Improve mastery and skills development through formative feedback as it’s needed.

Support student success by providing parents with view-only access to project work.

Teachers can more easily view and guide student progress throughout their learning process.

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