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Federal funding for your Hāpara purchase

We want to make sure Hāpara tools are affordable for schools and districts. There are several United States federal funding resources available to help you make your purchase.

Title I 

Since Title I is designated to help learners from low-income families meet challenging academic standards, you may be able to use the funds to purchase Hāpara tools. If you are a Title I school, consider using the funds to adopt Hāpara school-wide.

Read more about Title I: Fast Facts: Title I

Title II

Title II supports strengthening professional development for teachers and school leadership. One of the primary goals is to provide minority students and learners from low-income families with a higher number of effective educators. 

A recommendation of Title II is to “Improve working conditions for teachers through high-impact activities based on local needs, such as improving access to educational technology . . .” 

Read more about Title II: ESSA Title II Part A Guidance

Title III

Title III supports students in your school who qualify as English learners (ELs). These funds can be used in a variety of ways, including improving instruction for ELs by “acquiring educational technology” and improving their access to challenging coursework.

Read more about Title III: ESSA Title III Guidance – English Learners

Title IV

Title IV funds are meant to:

  • Support a well-rounded education
  • Create safe and healthy schools
  • Effectively use technology by training staff and providing “high-quality digital learning experiences for underserved students.”

Examples of how the funds can be used are promoting student engagement in STEM, strengthening digital instruction through professional development, providing mental health support, creating positive classroom relationships and implementing suicide and bullying prevention. 

Read more about Title IV: Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants


EANS or the Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools program provides funding to non-public schools. It was first created to help independent and private schools recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In March 2021, another round of funding was announced for $2.75 billion. 

The Department of Education allows governors to distribute the funds to non-public schools based on need. Those schools can use the funds for instruction and to address learning loss.

EANS funds must be spent by September 30, 2024.

Read more about EANS: Frequently Asked Questions

How to meet federal funding requirements

Hāpara aligns with many of the federal funding requirements. Consider these options when deciding on your purchase.

1. Provide high-quality digital learning experiences that support the needs of every student and address learning loss.

Educators and learners can use Hāpara tools at school or at home on any device.

Hāpara Workspace: Teachers can easily differentiate instruction and create personalized learning opportunities in a digital lesson, unit or project. They also have access to a collection of more than 30,000 digital lessons, units and projects. Educators can copy and modify these to meet local standards and learners’ individual needs.

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard: Teachers are able to view, manage and assess learners’ Google Drive work. From one dashboard, they can provide personalized formative feedback. They can also share files or Google Classroom content with groups or individual learners.

Hāpara Highlights:  During instructional time, teachers are able to guide student learning online. Teachers can support students in groups or individually while web browsing, researching and collaborating. 

Hāpara Student Dashboard: Students can more easily manage their learning through one simple dashboard on any device. They can access Google Classroom assignments, Hāpara Workpaces, class announcements and organize them the way they prefer. Parents can also view assignments to help learners stay on track.

2. Create a safe and healthy school.

Hāpara Highlights: This Chrome browser monitoring tool gives teachers visibility into what learners are doing online. Teachers can keep students safe by setting up guided browsing sessions, closing learners’ tabs and sending messages directly to learners about digital citizenship. They can also use Highlights to build positive classroom relationships through instant messaging. 

Deledao ActiveScan, presented by Hāpara: This web filter uses artificial intelligence to understand context. While your team can set up blocked and allowed lists, the web filter also blurs and mutes text, video and audio that is unsafe or inappropriate.

A student wellness feature is also available to add on. This feature scans learners’ online searches and email and sends immediate alerts to designated staff members. They can then intervene and provide support related to mental health, suicide prevention or cyberbullying issues.

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard: Teachers can view any file in a learner’s school Google Drive, even when the file is not shared with them. This helps them ensure that learners are safely using Google Drive.

Hāpara Workspace: Educators can use Workspace to incorporate social and emotional learning opportunities throughout digital lessons, projects or units. Learn how one educator adds SEL support into Workspace

3. Provide professional development so educators can deliver effective digital learning experiences.

Hāpara offers several professional development opportunities for all learning needs.

Included with your purchase of Hāpara tools:

  • Hāpara customer support center: The resources in our support center detail how to use Hāpara tools step-by-step and their pedagogical purposes.
  • Hāpara Community: Educators worldwide participate in the Hāpara Community to find answers, share best practices and support each other. 
  • Hāpara Certification Program: Thousands of educators have graduated from this three-tier certification program as Hāpara Certified Educators, Hāpara Scholars and Hāpara Trainers. 
  • Hāpara Learning Bytes: These one-hour asynchronous online courses help teachers fast-track their ability to use Hāpara tools for online classroom management and instruction.

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