Careers at Hapara

We are a New Zealand startup that’s made the leap to Silicon Valley. We are funded by top US institutional and education investors. We partner with the biggest tech companies in the world and work on bleeding edge technology. We are growing like crazy.

We are headquartered in the center of Palo Alto, minutes away from Stanford, Google, and other technology leaders. Our sales, business development and marketing are based here. Engineering, support and R&D is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

You’ll be working with a world-class team that includes ex-Googlers, PhDs, HBS grads, and top-tier educators. We believe in:

  • Equity: we all share in the company’s success.
  • Meaningful work and intellectual challenges.
  • Work-life balance: hours ≠ contribution. We want to keep your family happy.
  • Transparency: board decks, investor materials, etc. We are on the same team.
  • A great working environment: positive, supportive, diverse, accessible.

We are always looking for great team members in engineering, support, customers success and sales. If you are interested in Hapara we would like to hear from you!

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