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See exactly how your child is learning online

Hāpara gives you visibility into your child’s progress so you can be involved in their learning.
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Hāpara FAQ for parents

How does Hāpara help my child learn?

Hāpara offers digital learning tools that work with Google Classroom and Google Drive. Hāpara Student Dashboard makes it easier for your child to manage their assignments because everything they need for learning is in one spot. This helps your child stay on top of assignments and build executive functioning skills to carry with them beyond school.

Hāpara Workspace places all of the learning resources and activities for one lesson, unit or project into one place. It makes learning interactive and personalized, and your child can explore a Workspace at their own pace.

How does Hāpara give me more visibility into how my child is learning?

Your child can show you their Hāpara Student Dashboard on any device at any time. From there you can see what they need to accomplish so you can support their learning. You can view their Google Classroom assignments, Hāpara Workspaces and class announcements. 

If your child’s school offers the web filter parent feature, you can set up website browsing rules at home for school-issued devices. You can also monitor your child’s online activity at home and receive weekly reports about your child’s browsing activities.

How is my child’s personal information protected?

Hāpara is a company founded by educators, and we always keep the interests of learners at the center of everything we do. Student privacy and safety is of extreme importance to Hāpara. No student data is ever sold. Learn more about Hāpara’s privacy policy. Hāpara is also fully compliant with all privacy legislation including: FERPA, GDPR, PIPA and PIPEDA.

Ethical monitoring and privacy

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Our team is always available to answer questions or provide support as you or your child use Hāpara.

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