What’s the quickest way to level up your Hāpara skills?

Earn badges while empowering learners!

Learn new Hāpara skills quickly with micro-badging. Find learning experiences that align with your professional goals and interests and apply them right away!

Hāpara Micro Badge - Hāpara Highlights

Stackable badges


In this micro-credential course, you will develop a deeper understanding of how Highlights supports student learning. You’ll explore how to use Highlights to develop digital citizenship skills, communicate with learners, utilize best practices for ethical monitoring and provide differentiated support of each learner’s journey throughout the digital learning environment.

Teacher Dashboard

In this micro-credential course, you will learn about the visibility that Teacher Dashboard provides into learners’ Google Drives and how that can help you to create a more flexible learning environment for them. You’ll gain the necessary skills to provide timely and consistent feedback and utilize best practices for organizing digital content to provide an optimal digital learning climate.


In this micro-credential course, you will delve into the world of how to use Hāpara Workspace to create differentiated and personalized lessons, projects and units of study. You’ll also learn how to collaborate with other educators from around the world to provide a well-rounded digital learning experience that provides a variety of opportunities for mastery.

Student Dashboard

In this micro-credential course, you will develop a deeper understanding of how Hāpara’s Student Dashboard drives student agency and encourages learners to take ownership of their digital learning and organization. Student Dashboard supports students in managing their assignments and the digital tools they use in Google Workspace for Education, Google Classroom and the Hāpara Instructional Suite.

What is micro-credentialing?

A micro-credential is a digitally-recorded recognition of a small, specific skill. It is a portable communication tool that represents evidence of your skills for employers, educators and peers. 

Micro-credentials are different from more traditional learning experiences. A micro-credential takes an opportunity to recognize smaller bits of learning, which can then be ‘stacked’ to create a ‘pathway’ of learning to demonstrate a broader base of knowledge. They are designed to fit in with busy schedules and adapt quickly to the changing needs many educators face.

Choose learning that fits your interests and schedule

Hāpara micro-credentials are short, competency-based learning opportunities that are closely aligned to the needs of educators. You choose the pathway that fits your needs.

Receive recognition of your skills

Digital badges record and recognize your achievements. Instead of a digital image, they contain verifiable data of how you earned the credential.

Stack your learning

Micro-credentials can be stacked toward higher-level micro-credentials, showing evidence of proficiency and advanced skills.

Share your achievements

You can add badges to your social media profiles, share with employers and others in your network. Badges give context to a resume by displaying your specific skills and provide secure proof of performance criteria to employers of your abilities.

Why a digital badge?

A digital badge is the representation of your mastery of a micro-credentialed course. Only those who had their skills assessed will be able to earn a micro-credential and display its badge. Badges have metadata that include proof of ownership and a description of the mastered skills.

What is the cost?

At this time there is no cost for this program.

When can I start?

Even though a date is indicated, the micro-credential courses are completely asynchronous. You can start these courses immediately after registration! You will receive an email with a link to start your chosen course.

What if my school or district blocks URL shorteners like Bit.ly?

Please email learningbytes@hapara.com right away! We have an alternate way you can access the micro-credential courses.

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