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Powerful instructional tools for the G Suite school/district

Classroom management tools for G Suite

Hāpara makes digital learning visible and provides educators with the tools they need to create deeper, more meaningful learning experiences.

Better Management
Access, manage and view learners’ work across the G Suite platform. Create engaging digital lessons and projects that learners can access anytime, anywhere, using resources from across the web.

Greater Visibility
Classroom monitoring software for your chromebooks/1:1 and so much more. View learner browsing, focus learners on specific sites, and send instant feedback as learners work online with classroom-level web filtering. Access and use actionable, objective data about your school or district’s G Suite adoption.

A lightweight LMS
Hapara’s Instructional Management Suite (IMS) with Hāpara Workspace allows educators to easily create differentiated projects and assignments that meet the needs of all learners. Share sites and resources, or send feedback to groups and individuals for more personalized learning.

Actionable Analytics
Receive actionable, objective data about your district or school G Suite adoption. Use existing data quickly and easily to drive powerful teaching and learning conversations.

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Learn how Hāpara and Google Classroom work hand-in-hand.

Google Classroom is a free resource that helps educators manage learners working in the cloud. Hāpara is a suite of instructional management tools that offers visibility into learners’ work and insight into their browsing, while providing tools for differentiation and personalization.

Together, they power a streamlined digital classroom that puts learners first.

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