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Hāpara began the journey to provide teachers with simple solutions for delivering digital instruction and flexible learning environments for every student more than 10 years ago in New Zealand. When a group of educators there started working with Google Apps in their schools, they found a need to better organize digital classroom routines and gain greater visibility into student work. They worked with developers to create the first Hāpara product: Teacher Dashboard. Since then, Hāpara has expanded to the United States, Canada and Australia, and 40+ other countries to offer a complete instructional management suite of tools as a one-stop solution for digital teaching and learning. The Hāpara Instructional Suite is based on the work of John Hattie and we seek to help teachers empower their students to exercise their agency in their learning and in the wider world. Today Hāpara provides tools to over 2 million students that instill digital citizenship, help teachers provide formative feedback, develop executive function skills and open up flexible learning environments that can meet the unique needs of every learner. 

Our team

Wayne Poncia, CEO

Wayne Poncia is a well-known thought leader in educational innovation in the United States and Canada. He has provided leadership to Silicon Valley EdTech companies whose products are used by millions of users. He has been a prominent player in introducing digital learning and education-focused applications on four continents. As Chief Executive Officer, Poncia looks after the product development, sales and customer success teams in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and USA. He is responsible for portfolio planning, innovation horizons, resource allocation, and product success.

QuoteA teacher’s work is not a single symptom or problem that can be solved. Yet, this is the perception of most edtech companies. Teaching is one of the most important jobs anyone could undertake: the educational development of each child to their fullest learning potential: cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally.”  

David Dinerman

David has worked in senior financial and operational leadership roles in a number of industries, including financial services, software, and tech enabled manufacturing. His passion for education is evidenced by his recent tenure on his college alma mater’s board of trustees, and is active in advocating for foundations and endowments to be ESG investors. David is married, has three children and lives in Lafayette, CA.

Nara Chilluvuri, VP Product 

Nara has close to two decades of product management experience. He has held numerous roles in software companies including directing engineering teams and product architecting. Nara heads product direction, design & development at Hāpara. In his spare time he coaches cricket, volunteers for social causes, and experiments with cooking at the expense of his family.

QuoteStudents who are high achieving and always understand what is required will organize themselves no matter what. But there are a lot of students who need help. So we knew we needed to design something that would meet students wherever they were on the curve of abilities.”

Robin Poncia, VP Marketing & Professional Learning

Robin coordinates all efforts to share Hāpara with the world. She started her career as a teacher, then principal, and has been working in edtech for over twenty-five years.

QuoteWe should be passionate about finding ways to give students an equal voice in learning–to teach them how to learn and scaffold and empower the learner to own the learning. When learners are solving real world problems, we’ve done our job as educators. These are the stories we love being a part of at Hāpara and the reason why I work here.”

Robert Bailey, VP Sales

Robert brings years of successful sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience to his role as VP of Sales at Hāpara. Outside of Hāpara, you may find him playing tennis, working through his bucket list, painting his face for Seahawk games or traveling the world.

Jean Luc Nishimwe, Director of Support 

Jean Luc has a decade worth of experience in Customer Service. He has held numerous roles in information Technology companies including leadership roles in Training, Support, and Engineering. Jean Luc heads the Customer Support and Implementation teams in Hāpara. In his spare time, he enjoys lifting heavy objects and enjoys playing sports.


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Robin Poncia, VP Marketing & Professional Learning
Telephone: 650.463.6975

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Our products 

  • Teacher Dashboard (teacher facing) – Teachers can easily view and access all student work from Google Workspace for Education in one central hub (even if it wasn’t shared with them), organize learners into differentiated groups and quickly share out documents and resources.
  • Highlights (teacher facing)Teachers can view learner browsing activity, guide learners to or from specific sites, and help learners become better digital citizens by providing personalized, private feedback.
  • Hāpara Filter – A K12 real-time web filter powered by artificial intelligence with its real-time image, video and text analysis that understands context. It protects student data and information by creating a secure digital learning environment with technology that blocks ads and tracking, anonymizes Google searches and more. Teachers can also approve websites in the moment, facilitating important conversations about digital literacy with their students. 
  • Workspace (student and teacher facing)A space where teachers can build digital assignments and projects that can easily be differentiated for groups or individuals. It gives learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in learning and teaching.
  • Student Dashboard Digital Backpack (student facing) – A one-stop hub for learners to organize themselves for learning. Student Dashboard provides access to all of their Google Classroom assignments and announcements, Drive files, digital resources, Gmail from teachers and even gives them reminders when something is due (or late!)–all in one place.

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