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Take the Ethical Monitoring Pledge

Ethical monitoring using tools like Hāpara Highlights paves the way to true digital citizenship. Ethical monitoring means being open with learners that you are able to see their screens, modeling what responsible browsing behavior looks like, using the visibility for things like guided practice and communication, and only monitoring during instructional time.

Join educators around the world who have already taken the Ethical Monitoring Pledge and earn a digital badge that you can display proudly.

By taking the pledge, you promise to:

Monitor only during instructional hours
Be transparent with learners about my monitoring practices and let them know when they are being monitored
Use monitoring as a teaching tool
Protect student privacy

Our commitment to responsible teaching and student privacy

Explore Hāpara’s statement of ethical monitoring practice, assuring privacy and prioritizing teaching. Discover how we safeguard student data, uphold ethical monitoring, and empower educators globally.

Join us for #EthicalMonitoringWeek every October

This year, #EthicalMonitoringWeek took place between October 23 and 27. Each day of the week, we shared best practices for ethical monitoring. We also celebrated educators who use Hāpara Highlights to enhance teaching and learning.


The beginning of the year I start out with my kids and set that expectation of what it means to be a digital citizen…

Lucy Whelan
3rd grade teacher, Johnson City Schools


Limit distractions to keep learners on track in the classroom or remotely

Highlights helps educators monitor Chromebook activity during instructional hours. In the classroom or remotely, close learners’ tabs if they get distracted and need digital citizenship support.


I really feel like I've built such good digital citizenship with them. It's all about relationships with students...

Misty Davis
5th grade teacher at Johnson City Schools

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