Face to face or remote, Hāpara powers awesome learning

The most effective and efficient way to organize teaching and learning workflows in G Suite seamlessly.

Google + Hāpara = Better together

Mission-critical software for learning anywhere, anytime

Are you ready for seamless learning face to face or remote? Do your tech tools impact learning? Do your teachers have the tools they need to evolve their digital practice?

Your K-12 homebase with rich lessons and activities, deeper learning experiences and a place that makes sense of all those apps

A rich classroom learning ecosystem. Thousands of curriculum-aligned lessons and resources, and the technology to deliver differentiated and personalized learning in the classroom or at home.

Focus students while building digital citizenship skills

Hāpara gives teachers visibility into learner Chrome browser activity in order to help students become independent digital learners.

Make G Suite a space for real learning experiences

Hāpara gives teachers seamless access to learners’ work in G Suite for timely and consistent formative feedback.

Streamline and simplify student workflows

Bring all your G Suite tools, edtech apps and resources together into one awesome classroom workflow.

Inform district decisions about 1:1 deployment with data

Are your students actually learning with G Suite? Can you measure if sending devices home increases accessibility to learning opportunities? Hāpara provides detailed analytics on how G Suite is being used to impact student achievement.

Your partner in learning

We’re committed to your success with one-on-one onboarding, support, professional learning and certification programs, and a community built to support teachers, tech admins and decision makers throughout the journey of meeting learner needs.

It’s easy to get started.

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