The best formative feedback tool for teachers

Student getting feedback from Hāpara Teacher Dashboard

Increase teacher efficiency

Online learning has many benefits, but teachers have to constantly juggle digital files, classroom apps and resources. That takes time away from giving learners meaningful, personalized instruction. Hāpara Teacher Dashboard is your solution for increasing teacher efficiency across your school district’s digital classrooms. Hāpara Teacher Dashboard is an instructional management tool, saving educators time, whether teaching in person or remotely. 

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard gives teachers one single, easy-to-view dashboard, organizing their access to Google Workspace student files and student Google Drives. On one dashboard, teachers can quickly view work, access it with one click and give feedback. 

With less time spent managing student work, teachers can instead focus on what’s most important: helping every learner achieve.


Use one pedagogical, instructional tool

Students have countless assignments, projects and assessments scattered around their Drives. Teachers need a way to organize it all so they can be effective with instruction. Hāpara Teacher Dashboard transforms Google Workspace for Education and streamlines a teacher’s workflow. It takes those Docs, Sheets and Slides floating around in cyberspace and turns Google Workspace into a fully pedagogical, instructional tool. 

One tool gives teachers visibility into student work and direct access to student files so that they can understand learners’ progress. Then teachers can focus on giving learners differentiated, personalized instruction. With Hāpara Teacher Dashboard, educators can teach more effectively with Google Workspace and Google Classroom.

Give learners the timely, consistent feedback they need

What are the qualities of efficient and effective teachers? They support each learner individually and give them consistent feedback they can understand and use to improve. But for many teachers, it can be a struggle to find the time to give ongoing formative feedback to learners. 

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard makes it easy for teachers to give every student personalized feedback. With our formative feedback tool, educators visit one spot to give the students the timely feedback they need to learn and grow.

How does it work? Teachers start with a single view of all students, which allows them to quickly open Docs, Sheets or Slides and make edits or leave comments. Simply find the learner’s name and file, click to open their work and leave formative feedback.


Educators love Hāpara Teacher Dashboard

It’s easy to get started with Hāpara Teacher Dashboard.

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