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Easy formative feedback tools for teachers

In one dashboard for teachers, see learners’ progress with Google Drive files and give feedback with just a couple of clicks.

Built to enhance the Google Workspace for Education experience

Instantly see learners’ progress

Across the class, Teacher Dashboard shows you each learner’s most recent files. Quickly discover how learners or group members are progressing through class activities in Google Docs, Slides, Drawings or Sheets. See when learners last modified a file, check a preview of the file or click to open it.

Differentiate instruction

Use Teacher Dashboard to provide differentiated support by sharing a Google file directly to learners’ screens. Pull from your own Google Drive or create a new file on the spot. Then share with the class, a group or an individual learner.

Help learners manage Google Drive files

When a learner can’t find a Google file, Teacher Dashboard is the solution. Access a learner’s Google Drive in Teacher Dashboard with one click, filter to view deleted or unshared files, or search by title or content.

Build positive relationships
Gradually release responsibility

Give timely, consistent feedback

With Teacher Dashboard, you’ll have time to routinely give formative feedback. Directly from Teacher Dashboard, open a learner’s assignment or assessment and provide personalized support. With clear feedback, learners will move more quickly toward their academic goals.

Educators love Teacher Dashboard

And many more helpful features

Google Drive icon

Preview learners’ Google Drive files

See a list of learners’ recent files and hover over a file to check in with assignment progress.

Open learners’ recent files icon

Quickly open learners’ recent files

Click on a recent file to open it and leave feedback directly from Teacher Dashboard.

Student groups icon

Create student groups

Differentiate instruction and feedback with student groups.

Sharing a Google file icon

Easily share a Google file

With just a couple of clicks, share a Google Doc, Slide or Drawing with a learner, a group or the class.

Creating a Google file icon

Create a new Google file

On the spot, share a new Google Doc, Slide or Drawing with learners.

File search icon

Search for a file

Access learners’ complete Google Drives and search for missing files.

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard FAQ

What is Teacher Dashboard?

By offering schools and districts Teacher Dashboard, Hāpara provides a streamlined solution for efficient teaching workflows. In one dashboard, educators can view learners’ Google file progress and provide support.

How does Hāpara Teacher Dashboard help educators give formative feedback?

In Teacher Dashboard, Google files each learner has recently accessed are shown on an educator’s screen. Educators can see a learner’s progress, click to open a file and leave feedback, without needing to search through endless files on their computer.

What is a better way to organize Google Classroom assignments?

Hāpara Teacher Dashboard makes Google file assignments and assessments easier to manage. That’s because Teacher Dashboard allows educators to quickly find Google files in learners’ Drives or share a Google file directly to learners’ screens.

How does Hāpara Teacher Dashboard help educators support student groups?

Teacher Dashboard allows educators to see if group members have accessed shared Google files. Educators can also share a Google file with a specific group when they need support.

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