How to use Chromebook monitoring software to build lifelong digital citizens

Student Learning on Chromebook with Monitoring Software | Hāpara Highlights

Hāpara Highlights allows educators to use their professional judgement to monitor learners during online learning, while also providing opportunities for them to exercise their own agency in a safe and secure way.

Highlights gives teachers a simple way to gradually release digital responsibility to the learner, so that educators and parents can be sure that students have more autonomy to learn and explore–when they are ready for it.

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Educators love Hāpara Highlights

What makes Hāpara Highlights different from other Chromebook monitoring tools?

An ethically-managed approach to monitor Chromebook activity that increases teacher effectiveness, efficiency and helps students adopt digital citizenship.

Schools have a responsibility to keep learners safe while learning online, and Hapara helps schools and districts all over the world do that in a way that makes student privacy and safety a top priority.


Create a safe digital learning environment with tools that allow teachers to monitor learners’ open tabs during instructional hours.

Whether students are learning in a 1:1 classroom or they are learning remotely, Highlights provides a way to ensure that they are focused on learning in a safe environment.

Communication tools that help teachers to remind students what on-task behavior looks like; and guide those who need step-by-step support in positive ways.

Teachers can guide learners no matter where they are physically located. Viewing students’ screens gives teachers a way to provide support when learners don’t have a clear understanding of the task at hand. Sending messages through Highlights when learners are off task or when they just need a little encouragement helps keep communication clear.


Enable gradual release of digital responsibility from teacher to learner; so that learners can become independent, responsible digital media consumers.

We prepare learners for life in the world beyond the classroom, and much of that life will require strong digital citizenship skills that allow them to be productive and responsible in the workplace and in their personal lives.

It’s easy to get started with the best Chromebook monitoring software.

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