Chromebook monitoring software that creates lifelong digital citizens

Hāpara Highlights is Chromebook monitoring software for educators that shows them online learning progress in real time. Educators are able to keep learners safe and focused, while learners gain the skills they need to work toward online independence.

Built to enhance the Google Workspace for Education experience

Prioritize student safety and privacy

Highlights classroom management software helps schools and districts all over the world keep learners safe and focused online. With Hāpara’s commitment to ethical screen monitoring, student privacy is a top priority.

Limit distractions to keep learners on track in the classroom or remotely

Highlights helps educators monitor Chromebook activity during instructional hours. In the classroom or remotely, close learners’ tabs if they get distracted and need digital citizenship support.

Build positive relationships

Highlights class Chromebook monitoring helps educators communicate with individual learners or groups without needing to make an announcement to the entire class. Send encouragement, clear up confusion or remind learners about on-task behavior.

Build positive relationships
Gradually release responsibility

Gradually release responsibility

Create and schedule customized guided browsing experiences based on learners’ needs. Gradually give learners more browsing independence when they’re ready, setting them up to be lifelong digital citizens.

Personalize learners’ digital experience

With Highlights Chromebook monitoring for educators, you can meet learning needs in the moment for one student, a group or the class. Share links or Google Classroom content straight to a learner’s device. Pause their screen when you need to clarify or review. Or freeze their browser on the tabs that are currently open.

Personalize learners’ digital experience

Educators love Hāpara Highlights

And many more helpful features

See learners’ screens

View learners’ screens in real time so that you can fully support their learning journey by knowing when they are struggling or off task.

Instant messaging and announcements

Send messages to individual learners, groups or the whole class.

Google Classroom integration

Share assignments, questions and materials.

Google Drive integration

Access learners’ Google Drives to locate missing files and track progress.

Curate learner browsing

Focus learners on a group of websites or filter out only distracting websites. Schedule in advance or curate in the moment.

Manage student screens

Automatically open a website on the learner’s screen or close a distracting one.

Create groups to personalize learning

Use groups to deliver a customized digital learning experience that meets the unique needs throughout your classroom.

Save a record of browsing history

Take a Snap to help learners reflect on their digital citizenship progress.

Freeze tabs or pause screens

Focus learners on their class activities or get the class’s full attention for an announcement or instruction.

Chromebook monitoring software FAQ

Why is Highlights considered ethical Chromebook monitoring software?

Hāpara is committed to student privacy. We also ensure that student Chromebook monitoring is focused only on teaching and learning. Read our statement of ethical monitoring practice to learn more.

What are the steps for how to monitor student Chromebooks?

With one click in Highlights, teachers can view students’ current Chrome browsing tabs. From there, you can provide feedback to students, share resources or provide structured browsing in Highlights.

Why is Highlights the best Chromebook classroom monitoring software?

Customers overwhelmingly say that Highlights is easy for educators to use as learning is happening. Highlights gives you the support you need to build an online learning environment tailor-made for each student.

How does the Highlights class Chromebook monitoring support digital citizenship?

Real-time formative feedback in Highlights gives educators and learners the chance to have digital citizenship conversations. Plus, Highlights guided browsing provides differentiated support as learners practice digital citizenship skills.

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Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

We’re ready to show you how Hāpara delivers:

Mission-critical teaching and learning in school and remotely

Free professional development for educators

Quick and easy implementation and access to a world-class customer engagement team

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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