Ethical Chromebook monitoring

My kids are now on task, and take ownership of their learning as they use technology to create, learn and share with each other.

Amy Downs
5/6th grade teacher, Global Learning Charter School
Visalia, CA

An ethically-managed approach to visibility into learners’ online Chrome browsing activity that increases teacher effectiveness, efficiency and helps students adopt digital citizenship.


Create a safe digital learning environment with tools that allow teachers to see learners’ open tabs during instructional hours.

Communication tools that help teachers to remind students what on-task behavior looks like; and guide those who need step-by-step support in positive ways.


Enable gradual release of digital responsibility from teacher to learner; so that learners can become independent, responsible digital media consumers.

Instead of policing learner browsing, I started using Highlights to support my learners by capturing snapshots of what they were doing in the moment and using the Snapshots as discussion points during individual student conferencing. I had more opportunities to provide feedback for students, which enabled them to move forward at their own pace, while still being able to meet deadlines.

Rona Mulligan
Teacher year 7-8, Tairangi School
Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand

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