Hapara Certified Educator Spotlight: Aida Awad, Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

Mar 29, 2016 | Hapara Champions


Allison Winston

Former Director of Professional Learning | Hapara
The Hapara Certified Educator (HCE) program is designed to help edtech integrators, professional developers, instructional coaches, and teacher-innovators adopt best practices in leveraging Hapara Instructional Management.

Over the three-month Hapara Certified Educator course, candidates engage with next generation learning paradigms (e.g. Inquiry-based teaching and learning, SAMR, TPACK, digital citizenship, Project Based Learning, Instruction by Design, etc.), explore teaching and learning scenarios, and create learning artifacts, lessons, and professional development activities–all with an eye toward shifting instructional practices, engaging students more meaningfully, and using technology as a tool to support meaningful outcomes.


During the HCE program, each member of Aida’s cohort was asked to create a Hapara Workspace to use with their learners. Explore Aida’s Workspace, “Which Alternative Energy Solution Fits Best?”

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