Product updates

What’s happening at Hāpara? Product updates, new initiatives and more! (October 2020)

Join us to hear about all of the exciting updates we’ve made to Hāpara, just in time for back to school. Product Manager, Erin Harding and VP of Sales Robert Bailey led an informative discussion on the latest product updates that are happening at Hāpara. These updates include: the option to copy cards in Workspace, the new grading tool that allows teachers to give feedback without having to jump back and forth and the quick tutorials that are relevant to whatever you’re looking at within Hāpara.

How to set your school up for success with Hāpara

Join Peter Finlay, Engagement Manager and Lead Support Consultant at Hāpara, and Robert Bailey, VP of Sales for a discussion and demonstration of how you can set your school up for success this fall. You’ll get an inside look at the Hāpara Plan for Success and learn more about the decisions that need to be made at the start of the school year.

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