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Teach and learn from home: best practices for continued learning during school closure

Teach and learn from home with Hāpara: Best practices for continued learning during school closure. View the webinar.
Teach and learn from home
Removing Barriers - Allowing Learners Choice in Place and Time Webinar

Hosted by: Beth Still, Professional Learning Coordinator, Hāpara

Join us for a webinar on how to keep teaching and learning going even when schools are forced to close. Beth will cover ways to create a flexible home learning environment, maintain teacher-student communication and different ways that you can use the Hāpara Instructional Suite for at-home learning.

Explore how an educator uses Hāpara Highlights as a coaching tool for social and emotional learning in her classroom.

Developing a classroom culture of resilience with Hāpara Highlights mockup small
Free e-book on digital citizenship
Learn what to focus on when building a culture of digital citizenship, including conversation starters for learners and educators!

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