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The Evolution of Monitoring Infographic

As more and more schools make the transition to digital learning, it can be easy to get caught up in the promises of exciting new tools when results are difficult to measure. Once you invest in a new technology, you need to figure out how it will live up to its promises for your learners. So how do you measure the impact of new technology on learning?
Evolution of Monitoring e-book
Using technology for deep learning

When it comes to learners working online, where do you land?

As schoolwork becomes increasingly digital, many educators rely on monitoring tools and policies to maintain control over what learners see and do in class. And for good reason – it’s important to make sure learners are safe, focused and engaged.

However, students also need to learn how to be safe, focused and engaged independently, without a teacher watching their every move.

Learn how educators have evolved their monitoring policies in order to gradually release control to learners, giving them autonomy and agency over their digital learning.

Explore how schools use a web filter and screen monitoring to keep students safe and teach digital citizenship.

Safety and security ebook 8.5 x 11 hardcover
Free e-book on digital citizenship
Learn what to focus on when building a culture of digital citizenship, including conversation starters for learners and educators!

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