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Using High Yield Strategies with Student Portfolios

Using High Yield Strategies with Student Portfolios Webinar

Using High Yield Strategies with Student Portfolios–Are you going to drown, float or swim?

No matter what your past experience with using digital student portfolios is — whether you’re just curious but haven’t tried them yet, you tried using portfolios but didn’t like them/had too many problems, or you used them but think they are just “another gimmick”, this webinar may change your mind.

During this webinar, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Liz Thomas, will focus on the high-yield strategies of collaboration, feedback, reflection and checking for understanding when using digital portfolios. You’ll be shown an example of a portfolio template that focuses the high yield strategies. We will collaborate using Padlet and backchanneling through our online webinar site. Sound like fun? If so, please join me.

About the Presenter:

Liz Thomas, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher for 20+ years in the Frederick County School District in VA, Google Certified Educator, Hapara Certified Educator, National Teacher Training Institute Master Teacher.

One my my teachers says this about me, “Liz has taught us to float before we swim; no drowning allowed.” Another teacher says, “Liz is my idea person. I go to her for ideas sometimes; other times I have an idea but don’t quite know what to do with it. Liz always gives me multiple suggestions on how to use technology purposefully for major impact and to help differentiate instruction.”

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