A practical K-12 web filter powered by real-time AI

Students using a laptop with web filtering | Hāpara Filter

A web content filter that understands context

Manage easily

With our content filter for schools, technology administrators can more easily manage policies. School internet filters like legacy category- and keyword-based filters take time to maintain because they require you to continuously add blocked categories, keywords and URLs. Instead, our K-12 web filter adds an extra layer of protection with its real-time AI technology. The AI constantly reads new content and makes updates, so you don’t have to spend your day closely monitoring and making changes.

Safeguard with real-time AI technology

Our website content filter analyzes images, video and text in real-time, providing extra defenses that work alongside your blocked/allowed lists.  Online content is constantly changing, but our real-time AI technology reassesses content automatically so learners are always secure. 

para Filter understands what is safe on a page versus what should be restricted. It intelligently blurs harmful or inappropriate content and mutes audio when needed. Learners are able to take advantage of websites like YouTube since our web filter understands context on the page. Educators across your school district can feel confident that students are safely navigating their online learning experience.

Protect student data and information

Create a secure digital learning environment with technology that blocks ads and tracking, anonymizes Google searches and more. Most web filters available for educators stop at the minimum requirements for CIPA compliance. But our K-12 web filter goes beyond CIPA compliance to protect students anytime they’re learning online. We offer Chromebook web filtering for schools and filtering that protects on Windows, Mac OS, tablets and mobile devices.

Create teachable moments about digital citizenship

Give teachers the power to approve websites in the moment and have important conversations about digital literacy. With our K-12 AI web filter, teachers don’t have to send off support tickets or type up requests. 

And you don’t have to spend time approving websites one by one across your school district. Learning can continue seamlessly without downtime as students research and work on assignments online.

Use across devices

Hāpara Filter works on any device, whether students are learning at school or at home. When they log in to their school Google account on Chromebooks or a personal device, learners are protected. It makes it easy for instruction to safely transition between in-person or remote learning. That’s why we offer the best web filter solution for school districts using Google Workspace for Education.

It’s easy to get started with an intelligent education web filter.

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