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Hāpara Learning Management Systems For Schools

An instructional management system that meets the needs of every learner

Differentiate instruction, personalize learning and empower students to take control of their own academic path.

Students collaborating by computer

Our instructional management suite

One interactive hub for your lesson, unit or project

Hāpara Workspace is an online learning platform that organizes goals, resources, assessments and rubrics into an engaging layout. With just a few clicks, differentiate instruction for groups and create personalized learning opportunities.

One dashboard that brings all of a learner’s class content together

Hāpara Student Dashboard is an online student planner. Learners can access their Google Classroom assignments, Hāpara Workspaces, Google Drive resources, announcements and educator emails in one place. Learners are able to stay more organized and meet their goals.

Why educators love Workspace and Student Dashboard

Hāpara makes Google Workspace for Education better

Educators or learners can add any kind of Google file directly into a Workspace for instruction, collaboration or assessments. Plus, Student Dashboard makes it easy for learners to manage all of their Google Classroom and Google Drive content in one place.

Meet learners where they are

Don’t create a one-size-fits-all lesson. With Workspace, quickly share resources, activities and assessments with groups or individual learners based on their needs.

Support collaboration

Add shared Google files to Workspace that group members can access for a collaborative activity or project. Or ask learners to add their own resources to a Workspace to share with group members or the class.

Build positive relationships
Gradually release responsibility

Promote learner agency

Workspace helps you encourage learner voice and choice. Provide options for assessments or allow students to upload their own Google files to showcase their learning. Students can also personalize Student Dashboard and choose how they want to navigate it.

Build learners’ executive functioning skills

With Student Dashboard, learners develop executive functioning skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond. Because everything they need is in one spot, they are able to stay organized, manage and prioritize their assignments and assessments.

Build positive relationships

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

We’re ready to show you how Hāpara delivers:

Mission-critical teaching and learning in school and remotely

Free professional development for educators

Quick and easy implementation and access to a world-class customer engagement team

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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