ISTE is always one of our favorite events of the year, and ISTELive 22 was no exception.

We were thrilled to see so many new and familiar faces in New Orleans at our booth, and for those joining our sessions virtually. A big thank you to everyone who came to say hello, especially those who helped find our missing sheepicorns around the convention center. We can’t wait to see what excitement ISTELive 23 brings, but in the meantime, here are some ISTELive 22 takeaways for you to enjoy.

This year’s theme was “Empowering Educators, Elevating Equity.” Here are some quotes that tied in with the theme and others that we loved.

Ethical monitoring and digital citizenship

We had a lot of good conversations about ethical monitoring practices and how that builds digital citizenship in learners. We can’t wait to continue this conversation throughout the 22-23 school year!

Evolution of monitoring

At ISTE, educators from all over used our chart and infographic below to determine if they fell into locked-down learning, hand-held learning, structured learning, semi-independent learning or independent learning, based on their approach to using monitoring tools in the classroom.

Where do you fall in the evolution of monitoring?

Hāpara Teaching Theater

We were fortunate this year to have an array of fabulous educators and authors present in our Teaching Theater. If you missed their session or simply want to relive the goodness that is ISTE, make sure to check out our session recordings below!

Bring it on: Making mistakes

Kat Crawford shared how making mistakes with technology can help students become better digital citizens and have a more authentic learning experience.

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Workspace: Working for all

Ashley Newman explained how she uses Hāpara Student Dashboard and Workspace to foster student independence, meet the needs of all learners and help teachers with time management.

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Power awesome learning with Student Dashboard Digital Backpack

Educator Ashley Newman made another appearance to discuss how she powers awesome learning in the classroom using Student Dashboard Digital Backpack.

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Transitioning to a better solution

Veteran educator and Technology Coordinator Kyle Calderwood shared why he made the change to Hāpara at multiple schools and districts and how the platform best fit the needs of his educators and learners.

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A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning

Lindy Hockenbary explained her tactics for tackling common roadblocks for online learning, so that instructors can make the most out of the experience for their students.

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Monitoring: The light side v.s. the dark side

Educator Stephanie Elliot discussed monitoring features that can be used for good and evil, and the benefits of viewing current screens, tabs, guided sessions and messaging students.

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Product highlight:

Student Dashboard Digital Backpack

We were very excited to showcase our award-winning tool, Student Dashboard Digital Backpack at ISTE this year, and connect with educators using it in the classroom.

This exciting feature of the Hāpara Suite helps power awesome learning by providing a central, mobile-friendly hub for students, allowing them to take ownership of their learning and so much more!

The star of the show:

Hipi the Sheepicorn

Thanks to all of the educators and attendees at ISTE who found our missing sheepicorns and took them along on some pretty fun adventures! We can’t wait to see where Hipi and friends end up throughout the year. Do you have a picture with Hipi?

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