Hapara Champion Certification Program

Develop skills and expertise in next-generation instructional practices.

At Hapara, we believe that meaningful, pedagogy-driven professional learning and outcomes-driven edtech integration produce positive educational transformation. The Hapara Champion Certification program is designed for educators and educator-leaders who are responsible for teaching, supporting, guiding, coaching and mentoring classroom teachers.

Hapara Champion Certification is awarded to educators who demonstrate excellence in this rigorous program.

The Hapara Champion Certification Program is a series of courses designed to teach Hapara users not only how to use Hapara to its fullest, but also the pedagogy behind its design and how to incorporate Hapara into transformative instruction.

To date, Hapara has had a very successful Hapara Certified Educator Program. When our current cohort completes their training in December 2016, we will have almost 300 HCEs globally.

Course Format:

Most of the content and activities will be asynchronous; approximately 5 hours of each course will be live, synchronous. Scheduling will be flexible to accommodate participants from around the world.

In addition to the existing Blended Learning Model of Hapara Certification Programs, in 2017 we will begin delivering full-day trainings for each level followed by a certification exam and/or performance task/recording. Stay tuned to this page for more information.


Level Objectives Participants Certification Exam Cost
1. Hapara Champion Educator Learn functionality and how to use of the Hapara Suite from the point-of-view of a classroom teacher.

Develop the basic proficiency to confidently leverage Hapara in a 21st century classroom.

Beginning Hapara teachers and users $10
2. Hapara Champion Scholar Learn the theory and practice behind the Hapara Suite; how it combines with other tools and programs; and the basic skills needed to train as a teacher leader.

Hone the skills to become a consistent and positive model of Hapara’s commitment to transformative instructional practice.

Advanced Hapara teachers and users $25
3. Hapara Champion Trainer Master the features of the Hapara Suite from the point-of-view of a trainer. Master the theory and practice behind the tools; Develop a personal philosophy based on the tradition of Hapara with which you will share authentic best practices and strategies.

Expand classroom-level Hapara expertise and develop personal philosophies on transformative instructional practice to reach a school- or district-wide audience.

Very advanced Hapara teachers and users; Teacher leaders; Technology coaches, Trainers within the SD $50
4. Hapara Champion Consultant Become an Hapara Consultant. Develop techniques to deliver all of the Hapara sponsored courses both online and via webinar.

Act as an expert representative and positive reflection of Hapara’s commitment to transformative instructional practice.

Per diem Consultants; former Technology Coaches or similar educational professionals $75

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Hapara Certified Educator Profiles

Evyan Wagner
Vancouver, WA
Shawn Brandt
New Prague, Minnesota
Nichole Allman
Columbia, South Carolina
Bill Corcoran
Ottawa, Ontario
Rona Mulligan
Porirua, New Zealand

Were you a part of our original HCE program? Find out what the recent changes to our certification program mean for you, here.

See what they are saying about us…

The HCE program is a really valuable learning experience – it helped me really reflect on my perspective of teaching and learning in a digitally-rich environment. It was really nice to have my thinking challenged, and to have to create rich learning activities that reflect my approach to teaching and learning in today’s classroom. I enjoyed the focus on pedagogy. Too many courses focus on tools, and don’t address the big question about educational technology: “why is this important?”…. I really like how the course focused on facilitating good teaching through the use of technology, and I had anticipated a more tool-focused course. Rather than learning how to help districts get the most out of their investment in technology tools, I think I learned how to help teachers move up the SAMR model, and start teaching digital lessons instead of digitized lessons.
Edtech Consultant & Professional Developer
Montreal, Canada
The HCE program was very helpful in extending my thinking around ways to use the Hapara…The course made me reflect as an educator and rethink and redesign my lesson focuses and student ownership of each lesson.
Washington, USA
I feel rather passionately about how the Hapara suite of tools can change the way we teach. I see classrooms across our system changing all the time as they are building rich authentic tasks and deepening students learning through leveraging of digital tools and resources across the curriculum. I absolutely love Hapara and I hope my passion for how these tools support 21st education is well communicated in our system. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the HCE course. It has allowed me to reflect and deepen my own learning.
Edtech Consultant & Professional Developer
Ottawa, Canada
The hands on activities and developing the workspace were my favorites activities. I also enjoyed how we were always pedagogy focused, and always came back to that – when you have been teaching for several years, you often lose sight of that and get caught up in the daily grind. It was nice to be able to weave that into the course.
Illinois, USA
The HCE program was worth it! The content was rich and the documentation was extremely helpful! I enjoyed seeing other perspectives and ideas on how to deliver PD! There are so many creative people in the HCE program and I would not have had the opportunity to meet them if it weren’t for this venue. The teaching style from educators from different counties was a great way for me to broaden my expertise and appreciate the different outcomes.
Edtech Integrator & Professional Developer
California, USA
This course did meet my expectations. I found it very informative and worthwhile. I appreciate the ability to get questions answered at any time during the course. I am thankful for the Google+ user group and learned many things from it’s members. This course was well worth the effort. I feel that I have an understanding of Hapara and the teaching philosophy behind it. I am now confident in helping our teachers using Hapara knowing that I can get help whenever needed.
Edtech Integrator & Professional Developer
Washington, USA
The independent, yet guided, nature of the course was great for me. It was very much worth the time and energy commitment.
Tech Director
Caracas, Venezuela
I look forward to taking all this knowledge I have to make my professional development sessions better! I can’t wait to see the next steps that Hapara has planned – everything they come out with make my life better as a teacher and I am so grateful. There is so much expertise in [the HCE Online Community] and I am really lucky to be a part of it!!
Illinois, USA
The program connects you to teachers who have been teaching with tech longer and are better at it. It is amazing to see what is going out outside of “my tiny world”. I just loved the creativity and expertise in some of the areas. It was great! I love their passion for learning and teaching – and to hear about successes they are having…. I really appreciate the positive feedback and constructive feedback on my work during the course. It was motivating for me. Thank you for this opportunity to participate and learn with everyone. I hope that this is a springboard for even more learning.
California, USA