Hāpara professional development for teachers

Hāpara is committed to teaching and learning first. We believe the best way to demonstrate this value is to work with educators to help them use Hāpara in ways that most benefit students and learning goals.

Teachers Furthering Their Education With Hāpara Professional Development

Why professional development in K-12 is important

Whether your K-12 teachers are new or considered veteran educators, giving them consistent learning opportunities is essential. Professional development for teachers keeps them up-to-date on curriculum, pedagogy, guidelines and edtech tools. It should also provide teachers with the chance to learn from one another and collaborate, within their own department, school, district or global community.

Professional development should give teachers fresh perspectives, develop skills and build teachers’ confidence using new tools in the classroom. Students’ learning needs can change, and the right training equips educators with the knowledge and skills to meet those needs. Training not only helps your teachers, but it also helps your learners across grade levels and content areas.

Training that meets your school or district’s needs

Technology can make a big impact on teaching and learning if teachers know how to use it the right way in the classroom. We work with your K-12 school or district to find the best training fit for your educators. 

Our goal is to design professional development for teachers that will make the greatest impact on usage and student outcomes across your school or district.

Our professional development for teachers includes:

Best edtech value (classroom management software)

Free, self-service training courses online that your teachers can access and complete at their own pace

Best edtech value (classroom management software)

A dedicated Engagement Manager that will work with you to identify areas for improvement in digital usage and engagement, as well as recommend training resources

Best edtech value (classroom management software)

The opportunity to become Hāpara certified with our series of free Hāpara Champion certification programs

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Customized, onsite professional learning from one of our expert Hāpara Professional Learning Coordinators

Best edtech value (classroom management software)

Access to a global community of educators for networking, learning and sharing ideas!

We’re here to be a partner in your digital transformation

You won’t only hear from us when your account is up for renewal. We work continuously with schools and districts to make sure that they have the tools and knowledge necessary to provide learners with a world-class education that knows no boundaries.

It’s easy to get started.

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