Professional Learning

Develop the skills and knowledge needed to support 21st century teaching and learning.

Hapara Professional Learning goes beyond Hapara tools training to help teachers and administrators develop effective practices for digital learning.

Experts in tune with the classroom

All Hapara Professional Learning services are provided by educators with years of experience both working in the classroom with learners, and providing professional learning to adults.

Make the shift to digital teaching

Technology has no impact on teaching without a shift in pedagogy. Hapara Professional Learning courses help educators make this shift by teaching effective practices in digital immersion, digital classroom management and more.

Training that fits your needs

We know that every district, school and teacher has different needs when it comes to professional learning. We offer training in multiple formats so you can choose what works for you. This includes:
  • Instructor led webinars
  • Instructor led on-site sessions
  • Personalized, asynchronous, micro-certification courses

Monthly Webinar Series

Hapara Professional Learning offers free monthly webinars hosted by educators, administrators and technology integrators. Each webinar tackles a question, topic or trend related to 21st century teaching and learning. Our next webinar:

Leading PLCs to Develop Shared Understandings

Date: Monday, July 24, 2017
Time: 8:00 PM EST
Hosted By: Louise Johnston, Grade 5/6 Learning Leader and Leader of STEM Curriculum

Learn more about our Hapara Professional Learning offerings:

Hapara PL and Hapara Analytics

Hapara Analytics provides visibility into your district’s digital adoption, as well as data that can be used to steer your district professional learning plans — all the way down to a personalized PL plan for teachers. Sign up for our next group Analytics Webinar to learn more:

Become a Hapara Certified Champion

The Hapara Certified Champion Program is a rigorous, online series of courses designed to teach Hapara users not only how to use Hapara to its fullest, but also the pedagogy behind its design.