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Chrome browser screen monitoring for K-12 schools

Compare monitoring tools to explore why Hāpara Highlights stands out from the rest.

An overview of Hāpara Highlights

Hāpara Highlights is a K-12 Chromebook monitoring tool that not only helps keep learners safe and on task during digital learning time, but also enhances digital instruction. Other educational technology companies provide similar tools, but they take a more punitive approach rather than using it as an opportunity to take advantage of teachable moments.

Hāpara is a company built on the premise that education is a human endeavor, and the tools we design should remove barriers to learning so that teachers and students can be successful. Highlights was designed by a group of educators based on the principles of John Hattie’s “visible learning.” As a research-backed, pedagogically sound tool, Highlights is among the most effective in K-12 schools.

Build positive relationships

What does Hāpara Highlights do? 

Hāpara Highlights provides teachers with visibility into student screens during digital learning. Teachers can:

Close distracting or off-task tabs

Send instant messages to provide formative feedback and start conversations about digital citizenship

Model good digital citizenship with curated browsing sessions

Document student browsing history

Google Drive icon

Access student Google Drives

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Assign Google Classroom assignments, questions and materials

How Hāpara compares to other classroom management software


Hāpara provides real-time visibility into student screens and workflows. Features include: 

  • Chrome browser screen visibility 
  • Customizable view of student screens by individual, group or class
  • Panorama of student screens
  • Activity feed/viewer 
  • Take a screenshot

Planning ahead

Teachers can plan and schedule browsing sessions ahead of time that focus learners onto specific websites or allow them to block out a list of websites. Or, they can launch a session in the moment depending on the needs of their unique learners. Features include: 

  • Schedule curated browsing sessions in advance
  • Create allowed/blocked templates
  • Color coding groups


One size does not fit all when it comes to teaching and learning. That’s why Hāpara  offers functionality that allows teachers to customize browsing sessions for individual learners, a group or the whole class. 

  • Open tabs/share links with individual learners, a group or the whole class
  • Flexible grouping
  • Customize browsing sessions based on IEP and/or 504 accommodations and other individual student needs
  • Customizable view of student screens by individual, group or class

Digital citizenship

Hāpara is designed to empower learners to grow in their digital citizenship. Hāpara is the only solution that injects formative feedback into its monitoring tool. When teachers close a tab, they are given a list of reasons for closing the tab to choose from, and it displays on the student’s screen. 

  • Open tabs/share links with learners
  • Pause screens
  • Take a screenshot 
  • Close tabs with a reason
  • Focus browsing sessions on a specific group of sites
  • Filter out a specific group of sites 
  • Secure testing
  • Instant message students for timely digital citizenship reminders
  • Freeze tabs

Ethical monitoring

Hundreds of Hāpara educators have taken the ethical monitoring pledge to use transparent monitoring practices, use monitoring as a teaching tool (not a punishment) and protect student privacy. Features that support this: 

  • A list of templated reasons teachers can select from when they close a student’s tab

Professional development

All Hāpara educators have access to robust professional learning options including facilitator-led self-paced certifications and short micro-credential self-serve courses. You design your learning journey! 

  • Certification program
  • Micro-credentialing program 
  • A private community where you’ll find hundreds of resources containing best practices and ideas


The Hāpara Support and Customer Success team is unparalleled in its commitment to the success of every educator and learner that Hāpara tools serve. Easy rollout, implementation and support along the way ensure that Hāpara enhances teaching and learning for every customer. 

  • A dedicated engagement manager to ensure the success of your rollout and adoption 
  • 24/7 support

Compare classroom management solutions

Open tabs/share links with learners
Pause screens
Take a screenshot
Close tabs
Create class
Schedule curated browsing sessions in advance
Class announcements
Create allowed/blocked templates
Allowed/blocked website sessions
Activity feed/viewer
Secure testing
Color coding groups
Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink compliant
Google Classroom integrations
Chrome browser screen visibility
Customizable view of student screens by individual, group or class
Instant message students
Lightweight app
Panorama of student screens
Professional learning and support
Google for Education Partner
Freeze tabs
Advanced differentiation and personalization
Automated teacher and student workflows
Google Drive file management
Share files in one click
Assign Google Classroom assignments, questions and materials
Certification program
Micro-credentialing program
Ethical monitoring pledge
Digital citizenship features
Aristotle K12
Impero NetOp

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

We’re ready to show you how Hāpara delivers:

Mission-critical teaching and learning in school and remotely

Free professional development for educators

Quick and easy implementation and access to a world-class customer engagement team

Visible, safer learning is just around the corner.

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