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Hāpara is committed to safe practice of managing school data that is used to deliver our products.

We take all reasonable and appropriate countermeasures to make sure student data is managed securely.

To make our apps more secure, the contributions of independent security researchers is valued. The responsible reporting of any potential areas for improvement or vulnerabilities is encouraged. Any potential vulnerabilities reported to us will be verified and addressed.

To report a specific issue, or ask a security question, email us at We believe in responsible disclosure and will credit you with confirmed vulnerabilities that you report. Please be sure to encrypt all submissions containing sensitive information. If you are having trouble encrypting your vulnerability report or have any questions about the process send a message to We will work with you to transmit your report in a secure manner.

Latest security notices

We report security issues via our Support site.

Data breach response plan

Hāpara maintains and updates a detailed data breach response plan.

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