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Hāpara product updates February 2021: Notifications in Highlights will be more visible to learners

Coming soon students won’t miss notifications in Highlights while working remotely or in the classroom in their Chrome browser with Hāpara’s latest product update.
Product updates
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Student notifications sent via Highlights will be more visible and harder for students to miss.  Whether you are teaching in person or remotely, every touch point you have with students is so much more important so we are working to ensure your learners don’t miss a thing!

Notifications in Highlights

Highlights no longer uses Chrome notifications to send students messages and warnings. Instead, students will see a pop-up in the middle of their screen. So when a teacher sends messages via Highlights, they will appear front and center on students’ screens, and students will have to click “Ok” to dismiss the message.

Notifications from Highlights, like warnings that a focused browsing session is about to begin have also moved to the middle. They can be dismissed by students or will disappear when the session begins. As well as making messages more obvious for all students, this also solves the issue of students missing messages when they turn off Chrome notifications.

Explore how an educator uses Hāpara Highlights as a coaching tool for social and emotional learning in her classroom.

Developing a classroom culture of resilience with Hāpara Highlights mockup small
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