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Three ways to use Hapara beyond the classroom

The transition to teaching and learning in the cloud has led to interesting challenges and opportunities for both classroom teachers and other educators in the school building. As learning moves online, educators are finding new ways to manage learner work and ensure that everyone in the building is working together to create great learning experiences.

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Hapara’s ISTE 2017 sessions not to miss

This year at ISTE we’re trying something different. We’re skipping our big Hapara booth and sending a team of staff who will be in the Google and Microsoft partner booths. We’ll also be on the floor meeting with new and existing customers!

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One year in – five lessons from the Enhanced Learning Model

One way that Wolf Creek Public Schools is working to provide learning experiences that resonate with our students is through the implementation of the Enhanced Learning Model (ELM). This learning model blends high quality digital course content with face-to-face teacher supports in the classroom.

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Using data to measure digital literacy

Digital literacy is not a new term. It’s not a buzzword that will fade away in a few years, it is a critical part of teaching learners the skills they need to be successful. Most of us interact with a computer of some sort on a daily basis.

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What’s trending from iNACOL 2016

We talk to teachers and educators every day, but attending conferences like iNACOL really amplifies their conversations and reveals some of the big trends happening in K12 education. Below are the top 4 topics we heard trending at iNACOL 2016.

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Measuring impact: The transition to digital learning

The transition to digital learning gains more traction every day. So far, over 2,300 district superintendents have signed the Office of Education Technology’s Future Ready Pledge, committing their districts to making digital learning a priority.

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How to make ISTE 2016 a learning adventure

ISTE 2016 is almost here! We’re super excited to meet with teachers from around the world next week in Denver, but we also know that ISTE can be a little overwhelming. So, here are our tips and tricks for making ISTE an awesome learning adventure.

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District offers secure exams with Hapara and G Suite

What if you want your secure examinations to be learning experiences and opportunities for learners to express their creativity, and to demonstrate a wide spectrum of their understanding and capabilities? Add the challenge of using Google Apps, and web content. Then what?

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Learn by doing, not by PowerPointing

Are the days of point-and-click Professional Development over?
On Monday, the Hapara Workspace team released an exciting new feature that allows teachers to add other teachers, staff, and admins as learners to Workspace. Now, professional developers and instructional coaches can use Hapara to accelerate the learning of staff and teachers in professional development contexts. It also gives educators new collaborative options for PLCs and PLNs.

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Hapara plays nicely with your LMS

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are growing in popularity in primary and secondary education settings. At Hapara, we are getting more requests from schools that use LMS’s like Schoology, Edmodo, and Canvas to make it easier for Hapara’s Instructional Management System (IMS) to seamlessly integrate with these LMS’s.

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Crossing the chasm of GAFE adoption

WRITTEN BY Allison Winston Search for: In their first and second year using Google Apps for Education (GAFE), many organizations evaluate the success of their implementation based on teacher adoption rather than the impact that adoption is having on teaching and...

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Google groups, organization units and subdomains – explainer

Technology directors and facilitators new to the Google Suite game must master a new vernacular. When managing a Google Suite domain, three things you must quickly learn about are groups, organization units (OU’s), and subdomains. Each has a host of different applications, some overlapping, and can be used to assist a school system with data maintenance and customization.

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