Google Classroom and Hāpara, Better Together

Join Clandonald School’s, Janice Jackson, and Frederick County’s, Scott Lewis, as we share how Google Classroom and Hāpara are better together for not only instruction, but to meet the needs of multiple grade levels in one classroom.

Hāpara Workspaces

Join Buffalo Trail's, Kristi Barnes, as we walk through Hāpara Workspaces and discuss how to differentiate to ensure a successful online learning environment for in-class or remote instruction.

Intro to Sharing is Caring initiative

Join Ottawa Catholic School Board's, Stephanie Pearson, as we walk through the story and challenge of building a district wide course collection with all K-12 core & supplemental courses.

Culture, class, and race

View this special webinar, "Culture, class and race" with Brenda and Franklin CampbellJones, as they discuss how to talk about these topics in a school setting.

Giving students access to learning– even when school is closed

With all of the concern for student safety online, many in the industry have forgotten about a student’s right to privacy. How does a school guarantee that students are doing what they are supposed to be doing online, and provide a safe environment for doing so? The answer is twofold.

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