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Post pandemic, what’s next for edtech?

Post pandemic, what's next for edtech

Amy Mayer and Dr. Racheal Burden have been in the trenches of the pandemic helping schools across the United States figure out how to effectively implement technology and ensure continuity of learning. Check out our discussion on what we’ve learned from the pandemic and the future of education and technology.

Amy Mayer, CEO and Founder of friEdTechnology
Dr. Racheal Burden, Learning Guide, friEdTechnology

Robert Bailey, VP of Sales at Hāpara

More about Amy Mayer

Amy Mayer, nationally known speaker and Google professional development guru, got her start in education as an English and Foreign Language teacher. Since that time, she’s served as a district level director of multiple varieties and now is the CEO of friEdTechnology, a Google & Microsoft partner company serving districts across the United States. Amy is passionate about student (and teacher) engagement and equity in education.

More about Dr. Racheal Burden

Dr. Racheal Burden, an Instructional Technology Specialist and founder of Equity in Education for all, is a career educator, trainer, and advocate for access, equity and equality for all students.  Racheal spent 10 years in the classroom teaching Middle School across multiple disciplines as a special education teacher and Business Technology teacher. It was in the years spent in the classroom she began to understand how technology can begin to bridge the equity gap. Outside of the classroom, she works to inform parents of resources, laws, and ways to support their students through Equity in Education for All.

Discover why vetting edtech tools for inclusivity matters, learn key questions and criteria, and unlock strategies to leverage edtech for inclusivity.

How to vet edtech tools to promote success at school for all learners ebook 8.5 x 11 hardcover mockup

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