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It is always a pleasure to use Hāpara as part of my digital tools. Honestly, I am not quite sure how I would teach in our digital landscape effectively without it. I look forward to continuing to support my student’s learning with Hāpara as part of my digital toolkit.

Amy Downs
5/6th grade teacher, Global Learning Charter School
Visalia, CA

Personalized, differentiated lessons and projects for the unique needs of every learner.


Maximize classroom workflows for K-12 educators and organize edtech apps to create meaningful learning experiences.

Access thousands of curriculum-aligned lessons and projects from all over the globe.


An easier and faster way for teachers to personalize and differentiate to meet the needs of every single learner.

No more paper! With Workspace, teachers can deliver all content online from one convenient platform.


Private Workspace collections that are only visible within a school or district, protecting licensed and proprietary content.

Start with who people are, what they believe, what’s powerful for them, and help them to connect new affordances and ideas, new opportunities, and new technologies, to those older ideas, to see where we can go together.

Russel Burt
Convenor of the Manaiakalani schools cluster, Principal of Pt. England School
Auckland, New Zealand

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