An online learning platform built to deliver a better learning experience for K-12 learners

Student using an online learning platform | Hāpara Workspace

An easier and faster way for teachers to personalize and differentiate to meet the needs of every single learner.

Hāpara Workspace allows teachers to quickly find, build, modify and share digital lessons and projects. They can also create student groups to serve different academic levels. Then with just a few clicks, teachers can personalize and differentiate a Workspace for a group or individual learner to support the unique needs throughout their class.

Educators love Hāpara Workspace

Maximize classroom workflows for K-12 educators and organize edtech apps to create meaningful learning experiences.

Workspace brings everything teachers need for instruction into one education management system. Hāpara also plays well with other apps and education software, so teachers can easily embed them into Workspaces. With personalized Workspaces for instruction and edtech apps in one place, teachers can streamline workflows for success.


Access thousands of curriculum-aligned lessons and projects from all over the globe.

Educators don’t have to start from scratch with online lesson planning. With Workspace, you’ll find high-quality content other districts and schools have already created. You’ll also find lessons and projects aligned to CCSS, NGSS, New York, Ohio, Texas, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Australia and New Zealand  standards. It’s simple to make a copy of any Workspace and modify it to fit learners’ needs.

No more paper! With Workspace, teachers can deliver all content from one convenient interactive learning platform.

With lessons, units and projects all in one digital spot, districts and schools don’t have to waste time and money making and distributing photocopies. With an online Workspace for teachers, you’ll have the flexibility to make updates to content easily. And students can learn from anywhere without a single piece of paper.


Join in the power of sharing and collaborating

Workspace is a collaborative space, with educators creating and sharing content around the world. Bring other perspectives into your classroom and share your own lessons and projects.

Private Workspace collections that are only visible within a school or district, protecting licensed and proprietary content.

Districts and schools have the option to upgrade by adding Private Library for an additional cost. It allows you to keep your Workspaces private and shareable only within your district or school. With Private Library, you can keep all digital materials in one platform without having to publicly share resources from publishers.


It’s easy to get started with the best online learning platform.

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