Hāpara Highlights is better than ever!

Hāpara Highlights is better than ever

Suggestions for Highlights

Improvements for Hāpara Highlights

Over the last several weeks we have been working hard to roll out the latest version of Hāpara Highlights. We are happy to share that all of our schools have now been moved over to the new Highlights.

So far we have heard great feedback on the improved performance and interface. If you have any additional feedback for us, we would love to hear from you!

Workspace update

Want to share a slide deck with your students in presentation mode? Now you can! Workspace now supports docs in published mode, so you can share Slides and Docs that have been published to the web, ensuring students don’t see your presentation notes!

Explore how an educator uses Hāpara Highlights as a coaching tool for social and emotional learning in her classroom.

Developing a classroom culture of resilience with Hāpara Highlights

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